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Scientology Launches Saturation TV Ad Blitz Attack in Los Angeles Ahead of Masterson Verdict

David Miscavige has launched a television ad blitz on local Los Angeles televisions stations ahead of the verdict in the Danny Masterson rape trial.

Miscavige is desperately attempting to distract from the negative global news coverage of the case. This eviscerating headline from The Daily Mail article an example of the coverage:

The Scientology ad blitz began late last week and reached peak intensity this evening.

These ads are reruns of the same dull 2018 ads which feature David Miscavige and the trope “Curious?” Scientology TV is promoted along with the “Meet a Scientologist” series.

The leathery reptilian face of the North-Korean-like Scientology dictator David Miscavige is not scoring any points; who wants to see the hideous visage of this violent unhinged lunatic on their flat screen or other device?

Brace for impact David Miscavige and Scientology


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  1. The last time they did an ad blitz they used the ad spending to ddos attack me and coerce YT into deleting my channel I hope this is different. I’m told they advertise locally a LOT on dodger games.

  2. COS would in the past normally spend money on ads to fool those in the bubble into thinking IAS donations were being spent and not stockpiled in the billion$. I can’t believe they would want sheeple to know about the DJDP trial….so they are spending this money because they think it might ACTUALLY do some PR good and change peoples minds? Apple box boy is truly delusional.

  3. $camology: Where sanity goes to die.

    “Brace for impact David Miscavige and Scientology”
    More like assailing your senses with the high pitched squeaking and crazed ranting of a terrified little rodent.

  4. Scientology ads seem to be mainly focussed on pushing buttons that have worked for them in the past but I would pose the question – what is their target public now? I don’t think their target public can be the same as it was when Hubbard was alive because there is so much more information readily available to people about what it really is. Pushing buttons and just trying to make people “curious” isn’t enough to offset the bad PR. Even if they get someone to the entry level of doing the personality test and taking the comm course the window that they have to lock them in without outside information interfering is virtually non-existent.

    They are already synonymous with “cult” but their behavior in covering up debauchery now puts them on the same level as the worst sub-cultures around. What would their PR program be?.. “We don’t say the R word here”.

    Hubbard said that stats went up after bad PR because even bad PR made people curious about Scientology. I don’t think that was ever really net net true if you factor in how many people stayed away from Scientology forever due to bad PR. As staff my sense was that we were fighting an impossible battle to get new people in and being punished for down stats while organizationally constantly shooting ourselves in the feet and those were the good ol days. The sensible thing would be to go UTR. That’s what corporations do now when they have a PR disaster. They count on the public’s attention span to be very short or they create a shiny object to divert attention somewhere else. Neither of those things will happen here. It’s too late. Scientology has become a meme. It’s been memeified. You can’t undo a meme. That’s when you change the name of the product or business.

    Hubbard defined his public based on what he wanted. He wanted to evade taxes and authorities, he probably believed in what he was doing but not necessarily for what other people thought that he believed in it for, he got to experiment with controlling people, but most importantly I think he wanted to hoard money and create an immortality project for himself. Miscavige might share many of these things except it can never be his immortality project no matter how much opulent empty monument building he does. If I thought Miscavige really believed in Scientology I might think that he would start manically promoting right now because that’s what the emergency condition tells him to do but I expect it would be more out of habit than faith in Hubbard. Conflicted motivation can tend to color PR and Scientology PR does feel very two dimensional, like they are going through the motions but Hubbard’s self-conviction just isn’t there. In Hubbard’s day it was probably rare that a Scientologist got confronted with Xenu and BTs but I’m guessing if a college student comes out as a Scientologist now that’s top of the list.

    Basically their public now needs to be someone who can watch SPTV and know about Xenu and their deranged sub-culture protection racket and still remain a dedicated Scientologist. How do they create a PR campaign for that that doesn’t become another meme in itself?

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