Danny Masterson Rape Trial

Legal Document: Judge Olmedo’s Rulings in the Danny Masterson Pretrial Phase

Judge Charlaine Olmedo

Los Angeles criminal court Judge Charlaine Olmedo issued her ruling in the pretrial motions for the upcoming felony retrial of Scientologist Danny Masterson. The actor is charged with three counts of forcible rape which, if he is convicted, carry a sentence of 45-to-life.

We were in court and watched most of the pretrial hearing. We noted that criminal Defendant Danny Masterson has grown back his trademark beard. We assume his legal team will have him shave it off for his criminal trial so he looks less like an alleged rapist. Compare how the two different looks play to a jury:

1. Masterson’s attorney Phillip Cohen had asked for Scientology to be excluded from the case, or at least any mentions of it seriously restricted. Judge Olmedo denied Cohen’s motion to exclude and will allow testimony about Scientology. Cohen had protested that Scientology had been castigated by a witness as a “criminal organization” and felt this was inflammatory and prejudicial. We suggest that if Mr. Cohen completes the Scientology Data Evaluators Course he will see the statement is correct.

2. Claire Headley and the two other expert witnesses can testify on behalf of the Jane Does. Claire Headley was the third highest ranking person the Church of Scientology according to the Church itself. Claire’s expertise on Scientology policy will offer the jury precise insights into why the Jane Does took many years (late reported) their rape allegations to the LAPD.

2A. This section of Judge Olmedo’s ruling succinctly addresses the matter of the admissibility of Scientology in the Masterson case. This section further makes it clear why Claire Headley is a crucial expert witness due to her ability to explain Scientology doctrine and practices:

3. Kathleen Jenkins and Tricia Vessey can testify about Masterson’s uncharged prior bad acts, i.e. they can testify he raped them.

4. Cohen had wanted to introduce testimony about the sexual activities of the Jane Does Judge Olmedo said no.

5. Judge Olmedo left undecided for now the issue of Danny Masterson’s DJ name of :DJ Donkey Punch.” A “Donkey Punch” is a term used in anal sex in which the person penetrating another person suddenly and unexpectedly punches that person in the neck or the kidneys so that the victim’s anal sphincter involuntarily tightens from the unforeseen assault. There is evidence that Danny Masterson used this name and it goes to him being a sexual predator.

Case history and Judge Olmedo’s rulings of March 28, 2023 are included in the document below:

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  1. Finally some sense, I just hope the prosecution knows how most to benefit from these opportunities when the witnesses are called. Thanks for the heads up Jeffrey!

  2. Little Davey will be eating carpet in incandescent rage as fast as they replace it. How very (holds peeled onion under eyes) sad.

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