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The Church of Scientology Goes on Hysterical and Rage-Filled Social Media Rampage Following the Danny Masterson Mistrial

The Church of Scientology has long sought to portray the civil and criminal cases against alleged serial rapist and Scientologist Danny Masterson as part of a plot against it engineered by Leah Remini. Scientology’s conspiracy theory on the Masterson case has gone so far as to absurdly suggest that Leah Remini “wrote the script” against Masterson used by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. However, the facts are clear and unequivocal: Danny Masterson’s own conduct resulted in the criminal trial and the civil lawsuits against him. The Church of Scientology is complicit in the Masterson matter and this too is part of what it is lying about.

Following the mistrial of Scientologist Danny Masterson on three felony rape charges, the Church of Scientology launched an hysterical and rage-filled social media rampage against Leah Remini. Also included in Scientology’s attacks were several of the journalists and publications which covered the Masterson rape trial. Tony Ortega was singled out in particular as he provided a running transcript of the trial which was widely read. Ortega also posted a daily video summary online from outside the courthouse.

The intensity and level of hysteria of this social media campaign suggests to us that the pent up rage building inside of Scientology over the Danny Masterson case finally exploded when a mistrial was declared. The Church of Scientology nonsensically treated the mistrial as a vindication of itself and an indictment of Leah Remini — and Scientology did this even as it stated that it was not a part of the Masterson case.

To be clear at this juncture, and in order to counter OSA’s lies on its social media rampage, we reiterate this fact: Danny Masterson was not acquitted at his rape trial. Instead, there was a hung jury. Therefore, the three felony rape charges against Masterson remain in force. Masterson himself remains free on a $3.3 million dollar bond.

A retrial of criminal defendant Danny Masterson has been tentatively scheduled for March 27, 2023.

Scientology’s social media attack against Leah Remini is obviously orchestrated by David Miscavige — as would be expected — and shows that Miscavige is completely unable and unwilling to publicly face Leah Remini in an open forum. Thus, the incompetent Scientology Dictator, a purported alcoholic, has to attack from the shadows.

Simply put, David Miscavige lacks the cajones to publicly debate Leah Remini about a wide range of issues and that says everything about him. So does the fact that Miscavige has been hiding out from the service of subpoena in a civil case for several years. Miscavige is afraid of Leah. He is afraid of a subpoena. He has locked his wife Shelly away because she is a threat to him at some level that he cannot handle except by imprisoning her.

In Scientology, Miscavige’s behavior is called “zero confront.” David Miscavige cannot confront anything in his environment and so he hides out and has his lackeys launch smear campaigns which he directs from his secret lair.

For the record, no one in all of Scientology will appear on camera with Leah Remini. What does this say about Scientology and its claims of Super Powers and OT abilities? What it says it that Scientology completely falls apart and scurries off into the dark when challenged. Given that this is the case, why did David Miscavige waste $100 million in parishioner dollars building Scientology TV? At it presently stands, the Scientology TV lot on Sunset Boulevard does not matter and exists only to churn out happy cult propaganda.

This latest foaming-at-the-mouth batshit crazy Scientology attack opened with Scientology issuing a letter to The Wrap in which the Church repeats one of its constantly repeated lies:

This is an outright lie. It has been long established policy inside Scientology to never call the police — or even the paramedics — and to handle matters internally to the greatest extent possible.

For example, when Scientologist Lisa McPherson was dying at Flag Land Base in 1995 following her 17-day ordeal of being locked up in Scientology’s Introspection Rundown, paramedics were not called to render possibly lifesaving medical intervention. Instead, Scientologists put Lisa in a car and drove her past four local hospitals in order to reach Morton Plant Hospital where Scientologist and medical doctor David Minkoff was working his shift.

McPherson died en route to Morton Plant Hospital. In the wake of her death, Scientology spent $100 million and several years to fight off two felony charges: Practicing medicine without a license and abuse of a disabled adult.

Scientologists do not believe in turning over other Scientologists to the police. Scientology’s internal culture of covering up rapes, pedophilia, and other crimes perpetrated by Scientologists is Church policy as dictated by L. Ron Hubbard and perpetuated by David Miscavige.

Mike Rinder posted an article on his blog in 2017 entitled Why Do Scientologists Lie?  This is a very important article as it provides an excellent compilation of Scientology’s actual policies.

In his article, Rinder posts pages from the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics. This is a handbook for Scientologists and it is taken from L. Ron Hubbard’s HCO POLICY LETTER OF 23 DECEMBER 1965RB. Scroll down to read the actual document in PDF form.

Entitled SUPPRESSIVE ACTS SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS, Hubbard enumerates numerous “Suppressive Acts” one of which is to call the authorities on another Scientologist. This is Hubbard’s call for the deliberate and premediated obstruction of justice:

This exact Hubbard prohibition on calling the authorities on another Scientologist is quoted verbatim in the Ethics handbook:

The final chapter of the Scientology Ethics handbook is entitled “A New Hope for Justice.” In this section, Hubbard’s hatred of the police, the FBI, and the non-Scientology court system is quite clear. Hubbard’s hatred of the government and the police is woven into the very fabric of Scientology.

Another chapter from  Ethics book quotes L. Ron Hubbard as he derides “wog law” and insists that Scientologists must only apply “Scientology Justice” in all situations.

L. Ron Hubbard’s Policy Letter concerning High Crimes and Suppressive Acts:

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  1. How very interesting… If the church of Scientology had actually applied its own policies, they would have declared Danny Matherson to be the sociopathic suppressive person that he is and expelled him from the church.
    The ladies who he raped would then have been free in their system to report him to the police, sue him, etc.
    They also could have ordered him to have “sec checks” and ordered him to make amends.
    But no, they had to enable this entitled, narcissistic sociopath.
    Hopefully, he will be isolated from society for several decades until he comes to his senses.

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