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Danny Masterson Gives Scientology Death Stare to Marc Headley in LA Criminal Court

By Jeffrey Augustine
October 27, 2022
Los Angeles

Marc Headley and I were setting on a bench outside of Department 105 in the Downtown Los Angeles Criminal Court after the day was over in the Danny Masterson criminal trial. We were waiting for Tony Ortega to finish typing his end of day report from where he was seated inside the courtroom with other media.

Danny Masterson left the courtroom with his entourage and suddenly locked onto Marc Headley. Masterson’s eyes bulged as he gave Marc a Scientology death stare that seemed to us a mixture of intense rage and fear.

We have been court watching since the trial began and can tell our readers that Masterson, with a few exceptions, has had a poker face inside the courtroom. But when he saw Marc Headley, his guard came down.

We don’t know what the story is with Danny Masterson and his Scientology death stare.

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  1. Hey Jeff,
    As your friend I just want to say that photoshopping Masterson’s eyeballs was funny, but unnecessary. At first his eyes just looked weirder than uaual, but then I expanded the picture and could see the photoshop stuff. Please don’t stoop to their level. You are way way way better than that.
    One of my favorite things about you is your natural dignity and truthfulness you you radiate.
    And I also wanted to say that your interview with Tony a few days ago was very eye opening and really expanded upon and enhanced his report.
    This is all about love. Please don’t take my critique as criticism. I support everything you have been doing.

  2. Hilarious! Masterson is DOUBLE UGLY by default and them photo shopped bug eyes are an improvement as far as I am concerned! Disgusting grossly out ethics scumbag belongs in cell block E with bubba as a punk mate for life!

  3. If I had to guess I would think this is envy mixed with resentment of his own poor choices. Headley is prospering outside the cult and is a much sought after and appreciated speaker and writer. Headley gets to go home to his family with no fear of having to spend a few decades (if not the rest of his life) locked away from them. By all accounts, he is doing well for himself and his.

    And then there’s danny. He is still proudly flying the cult flag. He’s even one of the few celebrities who have still given interviews shilling for the cult and its insane founder. And yet, here he is left with little but hail-Mary (hail-Xenu?) attempts at postponing what appears to be the inevitable, decades of incarceration. His legal maneuvers may well leave his family destitute. (To say nothing of the civil trials awaiting him). He hasn’t worked in years, and his former celeb friends can’t run fast enough and far enough away from him. It’s safe to say that should his legal interests diverge from that of the cult, they will throw him under the bus in a heart beat. And his family is reduced to show up in court to hear all the ghastly minutiae of his depravity.

    Even if by some deft legal efforts he manages the long-shot, staying out of prison, it’s safe to say that he will never work again or find himself welcome in Hollywood (or most other) company. He won’t even be allowed to speak for the cult any longer. His Celebrity Centre days are over. If he’s lucky, he may be allowed to enter an out-of-the-way dead org through the back door. That is, if he still has any money left to buy his way in there.

    There’s no contest who’s doing better, the SP wog or the upstat cultie. His death stare is all he has left.

  4. Re: “Masterson’s eyes bulged… a mixture of intense rage and fear.”

    Without an audience to perform for, and as he left the courtroom and fixed eyes on Marc Headley, you saw the true being stripped of the social veneer. That poker face that he’s been wearing in the courtroom and in public was replaced by his true tone level: somewhere between rage and fear.

    Masterson appears to have learned from a very early age just how to show himself in public. He is quite an actor, although I have never seen him on film, TV or in anything.

    If what Jane Doe #3 has testified to is true, then Masterson is full of barely contained rage and fear. If what she said is true, then Masterson groomed her to become his doll–a living, breathing doll without will or purpose. He then set out to fulfill what he believed should have been her dreams and desires: to obey his every wish, and then some.

    He waited patiently until she turned 18 before he asked her out (with 18 being the legal age). Next, as any narcissist would do, he isolated her from her family, her friends… even her job. Finally, he turned her into a scientologist, knowing full well that the “church” wouldn’t go after him. Not a celebrity! The “church” has rules and regulations that protect people like Masterson.

    But not forever.

  5. The new Hate speech act in Ireland 🇮🇪 . This could Dangerous for Anonymous or ex Scincetology or other activists who say anything against Religion can be considered hate speech catch 22 . This cover all religions even they cult evil sect if you say anything it’s considered hate they have not thought very well about this. So all activists have to becarful crazy 😜 they have not covered this problem for people that are ex certain dangerous cults .
    Hopefully this information can I have said to people .

  6. Sea org will try target 🎯Activists who are anti Scincetology . They pick people out will used term hate speech in the new hate speech act . The whole anonymous and ex scincetology and Gay community and other activists can be up charges for hate speech against scincetology other dangerous cults , sects .

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