Danny Masterson Rape Trial

2017: Danny Masterson’s Publicist Jenni Weinman Stated That A Woman Can’t Be Raped By A Man She’s In A Relationship With

Yashar Ali writing in the HuffPost on November 27, 2017: 

In a recorded phone call obtained by HuffPost, Jenni Weinman, the longtime publicist of actor Danny Masterson, suggested to one of the four women accusing Masterson of rape that a woman who is in a relationship with a man can’t claim that man raped her. In that conversation, Weinman remained unfazed when presented with accusations that her client had raped women while they were unconscious.

Two of the women accusing Masterson of rape have told HuffPost that Weinman played an integral part in covering up Masterson’s alleged crimes. They say Weinman worked to cover up the allegations by threatening, cajoling and lying to victims in an effort to silence them….

How things have changed for Danny Masterson since 2017.

Things have changed for Danny Masterson’s publicist Jenni Weinman as well. Does she still believe a man cannot rape a woman he is in a relationship with? Will she say this under oath in Danny Masterson’s felony rape trial?

Weinman was pushing this “a man can’t rape his girlfriend” line broadly in media in November 2017. The Daily Mail is another example of where Weinman was promoting this lie to defend her client:

Jenni Weinman, Brie Shaffer, and others will finally have to answer for what they said and did in the past when they are called to testify in Masterson’s upcoming criminal trial.

Jenni Weinman’s 2017 argument that a man cannot rape a woman he is in a relationship with is both demented and horrific.

Jenni Weinman sounds like she is arguing from Sharia Law in Afghanistan where women are chattel.

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  1. I sort of doubt that it will happen, but one can only hope that Jenni will come to her senses and face the truth that she was, herself, being manipulated to help these guys to try to manipulate another woman to keep her mouth shut in order to protect this miserable excuse for a man.

  2. So if I understand Jenni correctly there is no dispute that Danny did indeed force things on women that would qualify as “rape” outside of a relationship (in an Islamic theocracy, at least). In that case, this will be a very short trial. All the jury will have to decide is whether they will take Jenni’s word for what constitutes “rape” or apply the law instead. No doubt, the judge will educate them on the validity of these alternatives before they begin deliberations.

  3. This woman lives a charmed life. She made these comments FIVE YEARS ago, and they were reported in several outlets. To be clear, I have no love for the hypocrisy of virtue-signalling Twitter cancel mobs. Or the Hollywood establishment’s attitude that “sex sells”, “stars will be stars” (and execs will be execs) and sexual misconduct is strictly defined as someone getting caught (usually the result of a payoff not working) and interfering with the bottom line. But still, how did Jenni avoid a serious public flogging?

    It seems she’s quietly retired from the PR game and turned to other pursuits (“business coach”, really?). Probably for the best for all concerned.

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