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Scientology Attorney Elliot Abelson Not Eligible to Practice Law

Scientology attorney Elliot Abelson is not eligible to practice law in the State of California, this per the California State Bar website.

The California State Bar website states that Elliot Abelson voluntarily resigned his law license on June 1, 2022:

Elliot Abelson, 78, appears to have fallen out of favor with David Miscavige following the debacle caused by former Flag Land Base Commanding Officer Debbie Cook’s very public criticism of David Miscavige in her now famous New Year’s Day 2012 letter she e-mailed to an estimated 12,000 Scientologists.

The Church of Scientology sued Cook over her letter only to have the lawsuit backfire badly. Cook took the stand and, following a single day of testimony in which she described the horrors and abuse she suffered in Scientology, the Church’s lawyers quickly settled. The Church and its leader David Miscavige could not afford the further reputational damage that would come with many more days of Cook testifying.

In a creepy skin-crawling performance, Elliot Abelson is seen handling Debbie Cook’s departure from the Sea Org on behalf of his client the Church of Scientology:

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