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Shelly Miscavige; A Surprise Raid by the French Police; A Suicide Onboard: A Podcast with Valeska Paris about Her Time and Tribulations on Scientology’s Freewinds

We interviewed Valeska Paris on our podcast series about her years and experiences in the Sea Org. Valeska Paris was sent to Scientology Cadet Org at six years of age. She then joined the Sea Org when she was 14 years old. As a teenager she was sent to Scientology’s ship the Freewinds. 

In this gripping podcast Valeska discusses the surprise raid on the Freewinds by the French police in 1999 when it was anchored at St. Barts. 

Valeska then describes the suicide of her stepfather Scientologist Albert Jaquier. As he was dying, Albert Jacquier kept a diary of his last days. After his death,  Valeska’s mother published it online as “The Diary of a Dying Scientologist

Valeska describes the suicide of a Sea Org member on the Freewinds and how it was covered up by Scientology.

Valeska goes into detail about her relationship to Shelly Miscavige who has not been seen in public for over a decade. Other people discussed include Mike Napier, the Captain of the Freewinds, Guillaume Leserve, Heber Jentzsch, and Tom Cruise’s $400,000 birthday party on the Freewinds.

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