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Scientologist and Actor Eddie Deezen Arrested Following What Appears to be a Psychiatric Episode. He Now Faces Potential Danger at the Hands of Scientology

Eddie Deezen Mugshot

As has been widely reported by TMZ and other media outlets, Scientologist and actor Eddie Deezen was arrested last week in a Maryland restaurant for harassing guests, refusing to leave when asked to do so, and assaulting police officers by throwing plates and cups at them.

Deezen, 64, is best known for his role in Grease, a 1970’s film that propelled John Travolta into superstardom along with Saturday Night Fever. Eddie Deezen became a Scientologist after meeting Travolta on the set of Grease. Deezen did his OT Preps in 2015.

During what appears to be a psychiatric episode last wee that lead to his arrest, Deezen took his shirt off in the restaurant and was allegedly asking the restaurant patrons if they were interested in a foursome. The police were called. Deezen hid behind a woman seated at a booth and began tossing crockery at the police officers.

The officers tackled the actor, hauled him outside, and arrested him. Deezen’s refusal to leave the restaurant when asked turned into a trespassing charge. TMZ’s article on the Deezen incident included a picture of the shirtless Deezen being taken into police custody:

Waitress Kara Lashbaugh made headlines in June 2021 when she tweeted about how Deezen was harassing her at her place of work:

Eddie Deezen tweeted this bizarre response about his obsession with Kara Lashbaugh and how he needed her to wear fake eyelashes:

So offensive was Deezen’s behavior that Steve Joiner, the actor’s long-time public relations manager, dropped him as a client:

Grease actor Eddie Deezen has been dropped by his public relations manager who slammed him as ‘immoral and sexist’ after the star was accused of being a ‘creep’ and harassing a waitress.

The manager, Steve Joiner, told Fox News on Friday that he dropped Deezen, 64, as a client and would be ‘terminating all future dealings with him’ amid the scandal.

Rachel Crawford, the daughter and owner of the restaurant at which Kara Lashbaugh is employed, banned Deezen from the establishment:

The Church of Scientology claims that Psychiatry is an “Industry of Death” and even has a facility in Hollywood by the name — Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum.

Based upon Eddie Deezen’s behavior of late, it appears that Scientology has been unable to help the troubled actor. Psychiatric or psychological treatment would seem to be in order given what appears to be Deezen’s deteriorating state of mental health.

As a Scientologist, however, Deezen has signed a contract with Scientology stating that he does not believe in Psychiatry. In contrast to this, US law in all 50 states allows the authorities to involuntarily confine a person for 72 hours if that person has experienced a psychiatric episode. This is done to protect the person and the public.

However, the Scientology contract Eddie Deezen signed demands that he be extricated from an involuntarily 72 hour psychiatric confinement by his fellow Scientologists.

The contract is captioned “Agreement and General Assistance Regarding Spiritual Assistance.” Shockingly, this is Scientology’s infamous “Kidnap Contract” which allows the Church to take any of its members and lock them up for an indefinite duration of time in a process called the Introspection Rundown.

In this contact, the Scientologist waives all rights to any legal representation, a court hearing, medical evaluation, or any other form of medical intervention. Instead, the Scientologist  contractually consents to be taken into indefinite custody by the Church of Scientology in the event they experience what L. Ron Hubbard called a “Psych Break.” Hubbard also called a Scientologist suffering a Psych Break a “Type III.”

Based upon Deezen’s behavior, he would deemed a Type III by Scientology. All a Scientology “case supervisor” has to say is that a member has gone Type III. After this pronouncement, the member can be bodily seized, locked up, and held against their will. This is exactly what happened to Scientologist Lisa McPherson.

Lisa McPherson died while being held captive in Scientology’s Introspection Rundown. In the contract excerpt below, the Scientologist agrees to not sue the Church for any injuries or damage — and this release contemplates death — that might or could occur when one is being held as a religious prisoner in the Introspection Rundown. An excerpt from Scientology’s kidnap contract:

The Bottom Line: Eddie Deezen is in potential danger because he rejects psychiatric and psychological solutions as a Scientologist. Therefore, should Deezen continue to suffer what appear to be psychiatric episodes, the Church of Scientology has the right to seize and confine him. Deezen is then subject to the dangers of Scientology’s deadly Introspection Rundown.

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  1. It would appear that Eddie has taken a page from the John “Happy Ending” Travolta playbook on what it takes to award a tip, whether it be a massage therapist or a waitress.

  2. It is amazing that Church of Scientology attorneys would create a “legal” agreement such as this which basically seeks to usurp the very involuntary commitment laws which they claim to oppose. It is an insult to all human rights activists who sincerely oppose involuntary commitment and involuntary treatment laws because of its sordid history of abuse. Perhaps this The Church of Scientology has more in common with the Psychiatric Industry than they care to admit.

  3. I sent this info to my friend Randall Kleiser the dir. of Grease who was supposed to do a zoom call days ago with a bunch of the actors as a pr thing for Grease. He was wondering why deezen didn’t show up for the call.

  4. Eddie Deezen did his OT Preps in 2015 and is still a member of the Church.

  5. I imagine even the cult wouldn’t consider this creepazoid a ‘celebrity.’ I wonder where he gets the $$ for his brainwashing?? I looked through IMDB, and his entire career seems nothing but what are likely to be low-paying jobs.

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