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Metaphysical Questions about Scientology’s Body Thetans

We go off the topic of money, crime, lies, and legal matters in this article. We do so to delve into the metaphysical questions about Scientology’s body thetans that L. Ron Hubbard never answered.

The Church of Scientology does not engage in apologetics and never has. Instead, the Church has always outsourced its apologetics to what we consider deviant and mediocre religious scholars such as Massimo Introvigne and J. Gordon Melton.

As an aside, J. Gordon Melton has an incredible fascination with vampires and is considered a world expert on vampirology.  We feel Melton’s expertise in vampires inarguably qualifies him to work with the Church of Scientology given the intrinsic vampiric nature of this organization.

There is no financial transparency between Scientology and its religious scholars. Melton, Introvigne and other Scientology apologists will never disclose the remunerations they receive from Scientology in the form of grants or whatever they chose to call their “pay for play” money.

Disclosure: We have had a deep and abiding lifelong interest in spirituality, metaphysics, and philosophy. This includes 20 years of practice in Advaita Vedanta. We also spent 30 years as a sales engineer in the field of scientific and medical lighting which included work in the disciplines of photonics and biophotonics. Our LinkedIn page gives a summary overview. We are one of those “science-spirituality-Consciousness” types. We wrote and self-published our own multiverse cosmology.

We offer a glimpse into our background to better explain our interest in the metaphysics, psycho-mechanics, corporate structures, finances, and hardware of Scientology. In terms of Scientology electronics, we wrote a brief history of the Scientology e-meter last year.

Our Metaphysical Questions about Scientology’s Body Thetans. 

In context, these questions arise  because L. Ron Hubbard wrote that every person on Earth has “body thetans” attached to them. These “BT’s” as they are colloquially referred to in Scientology, are the souls of the dead killed by Xenu.

How are BT’s handled in the Church of Scientology? Here is a description of BT’s and the process to exorcise BT’s:

When BT’s attach themselves to a person, the BT’s begin to telepathically beam a stream of psychoactive content into that person. Much this is content can be very disturbing as it contains the negative mental image pictures, false identities, and the memories and sensations of the many horrors the BT’s experienced when they were alive in physical bodies during their numerous incarnations.

Before Xenu murdered them, these BT’s were people on their own reincarnational journey across eternity. They were on what is called the wheel of birth and death. This is the cycle of repetitive birth, life, and death until the power of enlightenment shatters the bondage of attachment and illusion and Nirvana is realized.

L. Ron Hubbard considered Scientology to be the only way to free people from the wheel of birth and death. Hubbard considered the process of rebirth to be a universal automaticity unless broken by the enlightenment offered by Scientology.

At the same time, Hubbard left unexplained how and why Xenu was able to terminate the universal, Karmic, and automatistic  process of rebirth in the trillions of people he murdered. In the traditional Eastern concept of reincarnation, once these people were murdered, they would have been reincarnated or transmigrated according to their Karma. However, Hubbard could not allow this to occur as he needed to populate his cosmology with trillions of BT’s so that Scientology OT’s had an endless supply to audit.

As we have pointed out in another essay, Hubbard also copyrighted body thetans, Xenu, and his BT telepathic exorcism techniques. The Church of Scientology has called the OT levels “trade secrets” in previous court cases. In his created OT levels, therefore, Hubbard had to have Xenu kill trillions of people and derail them from the wheel of birth and death. This fit Hubbard’s needs for a vast supply of copyrighted entities he called BT’s.  These BT’s are all traceable to a copyrighted event Hubbard called “Incident 2 of OTIII.” This is the formal name Hubbard gave to Xenu’s genocide.

For the sake of discussion, we move aside the massive conceptual problem of how Xenu was able to defeat the wheel of birth and death and enslaving his murder victims as BT’s for eternity.

As characterized by L. Ron Hubbard, the telepathic lock that BT’s are capable of exerting on an unwitting human host causes that person to believe that this live psychoactive BT content is actually their own stream of consciousness.

Hence, the unwitting victim of parasitical telepathic BT’s becomes crippled and weighted down by falsely identifying BT content as being their own terrifying intrapsychic content.

Hubbard lays out the sequence in his OT materials:

* Scientology first teaches an OT that BT’s exist and how they came into existence. This is done on OTIII when the OT first reads the Xenu narrative. Written in L. Ron Hubbard’s own hand, the OT reads a copy:

* Scientology next teaches an OT that they are not their BT’s. This is crucial in laying the groundwork for Scientology’s telepathic exorcism of BT’s. Hubbard wants wants the OT to dis-identify with their BT’s and the psychoactive content of their BT’s. While this may seem, at first glance, spiritually congruent with the “Neti Neti” teaching it is not. Hubbard goes in an entirely different direction later on. What is the “Neti Neti” teaching?

Neti Neti (Sanskrit : नेति नेति) is a Sanskrit expression which means “not this, not that”, or “neither this, nor that” (neti is sandhi from na iti “not so”). It is found in the Upanishads and the Avadhuta Gita and constitutes an analytical meditation helping a person to understand the nature of the Brahman by negating everything that is not Brahman. One of the key elements of Jnana Yoga practice is often a “neti neti search.” The purpose of the exercise is to negate all objects of consciousness, including thoughts and the mind, and to realize the non-dual awareness of reality.

* Once an OT understands they are not their BT’s, Scientology then teaches the OT how to exorcise their BT’s by conducting a systemic telepathic exorcism using the e-meter.

* In Scientology “solo auditing” is the term used to describe the process of telepathic exorcism by use of the e-meter. It is done this way: The OT locks himself or herself alone in a room. They hold the two cans of their e-meter in one hand; the two cans are electrically isolated from each other by an insulator.

* The OT then telepathically scans their body and thoughts to see what their attention is on. Whatever their attention is on is being caused by a BT or a cluster of BT’s. The Scientology OT uses the e-meter to telepathically audit the BT or the BT cluster. Once the BT or BT cluster is audited and handed, the OT telepathically orders it to leave and go to a nearby maternity ward and pick up a new baby body.

* A Scientology OT on solo auditing will conduct telepathic exorcism sessions 3-4 times a day. Each session can last anywhere from a few minutes to fifteen minutes or more. There is no prescribed time. Some BT’s and clusters blow without effort; other require much more time and effort. The Scientologists keeps meticulous handwritten notes of each and every solo auditing session. These notes are mailed regularly to their case supervisor at Scientology’s Flag Land Base.

How many BT’s does a person have? L. Ron Hubbard never specified a number. The late Alan Walter, a very prominent Scientology Mission Holder, once told us that LRH told him a person has 400 million BT’s. This is hearsay, but it is what Alan told us.

This number makes sense to us as Scientology solo auditors (OTVII’s) can spend 15-20 years engaged in the systematic effort to telepathically exorcise all of their BT’s. It is like draining the ocean with a teaspoon.

An OTVIII is a Scientologist who has attested they have no more BT’s. Very few Scientologists reach OTVIII.

This leads to ask a simple question: What happens to a person’s BT’s when they die?

Contextual structure is required to properly frame this question. Specifically, L. Ron Hubbard taught that when people die their souls are captured by malign extraterrestrials he called “Implanters” and taken to between-lives implanting stations.

As a point of clarification, in Scientology, souls are called “thetans.” Hence, you do not have a thetan. Rather, you are a thetan. If you are reading this, you are a thetan in a body according to Scientology. When your body dies, you the thetan, will be seized and taken by the Implanters.

“Implanters” and “Psychiatrists” are synonymous in Hubbard’s cosmology. The only difference is that the “Psychs” manifest as Psychiatrists here on Earth and as disembodied super-entities when not in a human body.  Hubbard wrote that the Psychs come from a planet called Farsec. The goal of the Psychs, Hubbard declared, was to control and enslave everyone forever. Hubbard taught that Scientology is the only way to escape the clutches of the Psychs.

At these “between lives” implanting stations, the memories of the newly-dead are “wiped out” and erased according to Hubbard. The souls, or thetans, of the newly dead are then implanted with implants designed to control and enslave them in their next lifetime.

L Ron Hubbard’s description of this process creates a necessary set of follow up questions he never answered.

1. When a Scientologist dies, do their body thetans follow them to their next life? If so, how do BT’s travel with the Scientologist if there is no physical body to which they can attach themselves?


2. Since they are “body thetans” do these BT’s leave their dead host body and go elsewhere? If so, does a person receive a new set of BT’s when they are born into a new body? How does this work? Do you keep your same BT’s across the wholetrack or receive a new set each lifetime? Or do the BT’s stay with you and additional BT’s are added with each new body?

L. Ron Hubbard never explained the biomechanics of BT body attachment and what happens to BT’s at body death.

3. If a Scientologist’s BT’s stay with them after body death, then are the BT’s also subject to the memory wipeout and implanting at the between lives implanting stations? If not, why are BT’s impervious to memory wipeout and implanting but Scientologists are not?

4. If thetans experience a memory wipeout at the implanting stations, then wouldn’t this be a good thing? All of their wholetrack implants and traumas would be wiped clean. They would have no baggage from past lives to handle in the next life. No one would remember being hanged, shot, zapped, etc. from their past lives right?

Or do the implanting stations do a memory wipeout of the good memories, leave the bad memories, and add implants? If so, how is such selectively accomplished by the Implanters? Is it done by psycho-scanning a thetan using advanced telepathic techniques to map the thetan, erase selective memories, and reconfigure them for the worse by adding implants?

When LRH speaks of ridges, flows, dispersals, engrams, BT’s, etc. he is describing the psycho-topography and case configuration of each individual thetan, i.e., all cases are stacked up differently. This topography can be adduced with the e-meter. But what happens at death when there are no hands to hold cans? Why is it that LRH failed to create a way for Flag to telepathically audit Scientologists after they drop the body? Why can a thetan only be audited while in a body?

5. Is the between lives memory wipeout selective only to this lifetime? In other words, does the memory wipeout only prevent the Scientologist from remembering their name in their immediate past life? Is this why past life Clears can’t remember their names or where and when they went Clear? Is this why past life Clears can only remember having gone Clear?

There has never been a single documented case of past life Clear remembering who they were in their immediate past life. Why is this so?

6. If there is a memory wipeout between lives, then how would anyone remember going Clear in their past life? Or is the “past life Clear” status simply a way for the Church to rush Scientologists onto the more expensive and long-duration OT levels? A Scientologist can attain the State of Clear very quickly in Scientology. Some do it in six months or less if they can afford to pay for it and go full time. However, the OT levels can take decades to complete.

7. The OT section of Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom” created by L. Ron Hubbard specifies a range from OTI to OTXV. To date, only OTI – OTVIII have been released.

David Miscavige has said OTIX and OTX will be released at some indeterminate future date. We are skeptical as no OTIX and OTX materials were found during a surprise RTC raid on Pat Broeker’s residence after the death of L. Ron Hubbard.

It follows from this that OTXI-OTXV will never be released because they simply do not exist. L. Ron Hubbard appears to have never even outlined these levels before his death in 1986.

As the Church of Scientology is presently configured, it is an incomplete work; it is an unfinished bridge.

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  1. What is my most pressing question is whether us espees and wogs get to remain so in our next lives. I sure hope so!

  2. 1/2/2a. The “theta body” is a composite – ie. thetan + BTs. BTs have been accumulated over eons via “joiners” (eg. R6) and held in place by the thetan, who misidentifies them as himself. They are not actually “stuck” to any physical body. Refs: Anatomy of the Theta Body, 16 April 1952, and HCOB 21 SEPT 1978 THE “SOLIDITY” OF THE BODY

    2b. It varies. Across all BT-themed levels/rundowns, one can liberate anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 of the blighters. This number is largely dependent on the duration of OTVII (5-10 years).

    Let’s go low with 30,000 per person. Multiply that by the 7,500 the CoS now boasts are on/through Solo NOTS and that’s 225 million emancipated body thetans. Not a single one has returned for services. Ouch.

    3. Yes. For they are him and he is them…or so he believes. Everything up to and including OTII is addressing the thetan and his BTs. See HCOB 4 MAY 1968 CHARACTER OF BODY THETANS.

    4a/b. Unconscious decisions and influences significantly affect behaviour. This is why.

    4c. How would they pay? It’s unethical to give/receive something for nothing. See HCO PL 4 April 1972, ETHICS.

    5/6. Some manage to retain fragments. But if you were torturing someone you knew was wiley enough to escape you’d up the ante too. It’s a war, my friend. One, I fear, we are losing.

    7. That’s an assertion not a question.

    NB. I thought this would be fun but it actually made my head hurt. 🤪

  3. Thankyou so much for your excellent article. I’d be great if you could do a paper on this.

    One beef all Scientologists ought to have is that no where in their own Scientology literature do they have explanations of their body thetans (BTs) as nicely explained as yours.

    Thanks so much.

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