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Why Did Scientology’s Los Feliz Mission Take a PPP Loan While it Is Boarded Up & Closed for Business?

The Griffith Park Observatory in Los Feliz. Downtown Los Angeles is off in the distance.

Los Feliz is home to many things. The Griffith Park Observatory is here as is and Scientology’s Celebrity Centre. Over the decades, many Scientologists have lived here: Chick Corea; Kirstie Alley; the legendary acting teacher Milton Katselas; and Jenny and Bodhi Elfman are just a few of the names. Mary Sue Hubbard spent the last years of her life in Los Feliz on Chislehurst Drive under house arrest after she was released from prison for her role in Operation Snow White.

The Los Feliz-Hollywood area has massive Scientology overcapacity. Big Blue a/k/a Pac Base and Celebrity Centre are here as is Scientology Media Productions, the HGB Building, the Scientology Test Center, Author Services International, and Scientology’s insanely creepy Psychiatry: An Industry of Death museum.

There is a lot of Scientology real estate in the Los Feliz-Hollywood area because Scientology is essentially a religion of real estate. As such, Scientology overbuilds even as its membership numbers implode.


Scientology’s Los Feliz Mission in the old days before it was boarded up and closed for business.

Scientology’s Los Feliz Mission is located at the corner of Hillhurst Avenue and Avocado Street. Opened in 2013, the mission was built in a Spanish Colonial Revival design that corresponds to the architectural aesthetic of the area. Funded and built by Scientologist and actor Patrick Renna, there was absolutely no need for this mission due to the Scientology overcapacity we mentioned. However, the mission was built because the compulsive accumulation of real estate is part of Scientology’s strategy to appear to be a legitimate organization.

The backstory is that Patrick Renna, allegedly, got himself into a serious “ethics problem” and had to build the mission as an amends project to the Church of Scientology. The records show Renna purchased several old existing properties, tore them down, and consolidated the properties into the one parcel upon which he built the mission. Renna spoke at the grand opening and was given credit by the Church for spearheading this project.


As has happened all over the US with other Scientology Orgs, the Los Feliz Mission was boarded up earlier this year and and remains so today. Despite being boarded up, the mission received an $82,855 in PPP loan from JPMorgan Chase Bank, this as reported by Tony Ortega. Many other Scientology Orgs received PPP loan money as well.

We ask why the boarded up Los Feliz Mission that has been closed for most of 2020 needed $82,855 in PPP money. The mission is paid for and has no mortgage. The mission is tax-exempt and does not pay property taxes. The staff is all volunteer and are not paid. The PPP loan to the Los Feliz mission seems like a complete scam.

The front door of the Los Feliz Mission is boarded up behind a locked gate:

No Scientology anything is available at the Los Feliz Mission:

The south corridors is boarded up:

The east corridor is boarded up:

The corridor door is locked:

The gate to the parking lot is locked:


While we were out a few months ago on Los Feliz Boulevard, we spotted this old car ahead of us. The vehicle sported a Scientology logo and handicap plates.

This is sad on so many levels. We wondered what the elderly couple in the vehicle had been through in what must be decades inside the Church of Scientology. How much money have they donated for real estate that should have instead went into the retirement fund?

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  1. A payment protection loan for a group which has no payroll??
    More criminality, out exchange, and greed on the part of the COS.
    As well as incompetence (at best) on the part of the Federal Government

  2. Hubbard College of Admin. got money too and is almost always empty even WITHOUT covid. They have maybe two employees and at night they turn the lights off outside the building which tells me they have no money to even illuminate their sign at night.

  3. If you dangle ‘free money, just meet certain conditions” in front of a Scientologist, all they see is “free money.” They never meet conditions – just look at all the unmet conditions of their IRS tax exemption.

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