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News Seven’s “Scientology Black Ops” by Bryan Seymour. Watch the Series Tom Cruise & His Church Got Censored in Australia

[UPDATE: Due to legal threats from former Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis, ABC 7 in Australia sent a letter telling Tony Ortega to take down the leaked videos. ABC 7 did this as the copyright holder in order to prevent a lawsuit. Tommy Davis doesn’t want to be seen as the malicious Scientology enforcer he once was.

Davis’ threat of a lawsuit to enforce his demand for censorship speaks to his character and that of Scientology. Tommy Davis and Scientology do not want the truth known. Both will use archaic libel laws wherever possible. So will Tom Cruise and the rest of the Scientology fascists. However, they all scream like ravening hyenas in insisting that their rights of Free Speech not be trampled upon. Here is a classic example from Tommy Davis himself:

Tony Ortega posted all ten leaked episodes of ABC 7 Australia’s explosive series Scientology: Black Ops. Below are links to the episodes:

Episode 1: ‘Leaving’
Episode 2: ‘Witness X’
Episode 3: ‘Taken’
Episode 4: ‘The Star’
Episode 5: ‘Always Attack’
Episode 6: ‘Dirty Tricks’

Episode 7: ‘Celebrity’
Episode 8: ‘Betrayal’
Episode 9: ‘Accused’
Episode 10: ‘The Reckoning’

Ortega wrote of the series:

In July 2020, the Australian Seven News network cancelled at the last minute a ten-part nightly news in-depth investigation of the Church of Scientology and its history of dirty tricks operations.

The series had been painstakingly put together by Seven News journalist Bryan Seymour, who has spent years exposing Scientology’s abuses and controversies.

The network put out a cryptic statement about why it had pulled the show, and we reported that two of the participants in the program, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, believed the show had been axed as the result of pressure from two of the people portrayed in it, Scientology actor Tom Cruise and former Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis.

Remini and Rinder surmised that Cruise and Davis had used the influence of their friend billionaire Australian businessman James Packer, who has a close relationship with Kerry Stokes, chairman of Seven West Media, which owns the network.

Black Ops: Scientology is very powerful reporting by Bryan Seymour. Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Paul Haggis and others are interviewed. Seymour’s reporting shows just how brutal Scientology’s Fair Game, it’s Black Ops, can get. Scientology’s standard operating procedure is to attempt to destroy those people who speak out against it. This is typical of any criminal organization and Scientology is inherently a criminal organization.

Scientology’s efforts to get Blacks Ops banned from broadcast in Australia succeeded. Fascist censorship is nothing new to the malicious Cult or its behind-the-scenes knifeman Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise wants his movies to be seen by the world. However, when Cruise can use his influence to get something censored he and his Church do not like, Cruise works to make it happen. Tom Cruise is a staggering Scientology hypocrite in this way.

In 2005, Cruise and Scientology worked to get South Park’s parody of Cruise, Travolta, and Scientology entitled Trapped in Closet banned from broadcast in the UK. Tom Cruise threatened to boycott promoting his own film Mission Impossible 3 if South Park owner Viacom allowed Trapped in the Closet to air in the UK. Cruise also threatened to sue. Free Speech Debate  commented on Cruise’s angry, petulant, and coercive demands for censorship:

In November 2005, Comedy Central aired an episode of the US show South Park entitled Trapped in the Closet that depicted Scientology in a pejorative manner. The episode used cartoons to describe the history of Scientology and flashed, “Scientologists ACTUALLY believe this”, on the screen throughout. In the episode, a character who was obviously meant to be Tom Cruise believes that one of the children on the show is the reincarnation of the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. The episode also mocked Cruise’s acting abilities, and blatantly hinted that he was gay (hence “trapped in the closet”). After the show was aired, Cruise reportedly threatened that if Viacom allowed the programme to be shown again, he would stop promoting his film Mission: Impossible 3, which was produced by Paramount Pictures (Viacom owns both Paramount Pictures and Comedy Central). Cruise also threatened to sue the creators of South Park in court.

Scientology, Tom Cruise, and their lawyers have a proven history of censorship. With the rise of the early internet, the Church of Scientology filed fifteen years of lawsuits in an effort to get critical websites taken down. Scientology attorney Helena Kobrin infamously tried to destroy the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology (ARS) in 1995. Kobrin did this by attempting to enter a “remove group” command (rmgroup) along with her demand that Usenet remove ARS. Kobrin’s move backfired and the story went viral. ARS quickly became one of the most popular Usenet groups in the world in that era. was a major target of Scientology’s wrath and it filed many complaints in an attempt to get the site taken down. Scientology attempted to get’s founder and owner Andreas Heldal-Lund fired from his job. Andreas stood strong and fought Scientology.

In 2005, Scientology sent a cease and desist to Glen Stollery for posting his parody website ScienTOMogy. The Church claimed the website name was too close to “Scientology” and the public could be confused. The real reason for the cease and desist was that Stollery’s website lampooned the thin-skinned Tom Cruise. Specifically, Stollery took satiric aim at Tom Cruise for his uncalled for public attack on Brooke Shields for her choice to take psychiatric medication to help deal with severe postpartum depression.

The internet inevitably annihilates Scientology’s attempts at censorship. Tom Cruise and Scientology can tell you all about how they got their asses kicked by Anonymous in 2008. This happened after Scientology filed a complaint that resulted in Tom Cruise’s psychotic “Go to Guns” video being removed from YT after it was leaked. This act of censorship served as the catalyst for Anonymous launching its massive and historic internet and street protests against the Church of Scientology.

Here are excerpts of the leaked Tom Cruise video:

In the second video excerpt below, we see Tom Cruise shamelessly brown-nosing Scientology leader David Miscavige. It is quite revealing to see Tom Cruise sucking up to a cult leader who beats his staff; has locked away his wife; uses child labor; has committed perjury; and covers up for the rapists and child molesters in the Church of Scientology. David Miscavige is named as a defendant in the civil lawsuit filed against alleged serial rapist Danny Masterson by the women he purportedly raped. Tom Cruise doesn’t seem to mind at all as he and David Miscavige are best friends. Take it away Maverick. Tell the world what a great guy David Miscavige is:

Right after Scientology got the leaked Tom Cruise video taken down, this video hit the internet like a thunderbolt:

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