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Tom Cummins: Another Crazy-Wealthy-Shit-Talking-Scientologist OT Ninja Raising Money to Buy Scientology More Real Estate

Tony Ortega posted this video on his blog yesterday. Rod Keller found this piece online.

From his Thetanic redoubt in Italy, American Scientologist Tom Cummins delivers 25 minutes of deluxe foul-mouthed Scientology crazy as he hustles cash so that David Miscavige can buy more real estate a/k/a Ideal Orgs. This is an epic rant in which Tom slams Scientologists with this Reality Factor:

‘You’re going to pay this money fucking eventually’

That’s right Tom. Those pussies in Scientology need to lay down those credit cards and cough up the money now because they going to pay that fucking money eventually as you say. Tom Cummins even threatens to leave Italy and fly anywhere in the world to personally kick the asses of Scientologists if they hold out and don’t pay all the money. These hold-outs are “dicks” according to Cummins.

Memo to Tom Cummins: Key Los Angeles Orgs including the HGB, ASI, and the Test Center are still boarded up and closed and yet Scientology plods along using Zoom, correspondence courses, and small meetings at private homes. This proves Scientology really doesn’t need any more buildings to keep going. As it is, all of the existing Scientology Orgs in the world are basically empty. You know this Tom. So does David Miscavige. Drive around at look at the existing Scientology scene Tom. It is not Ideal and is, in fact, in a dwindling spiral and has been for a long time.

Below: ASI in Los Angeles is closed and has been for weeks now:

Photo by Jeffrey Augustine

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  1. i haven’t seen updates…are the big buildings in LA really still boarded up?

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