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Aaron Smith-Levin: Life in the Scientology Matrix. Why Clears Are in Danger & Other Inside Secrets

This podcast is about the often arbitrary ways in which the Church of Scientology works in real life as opposed to its PR.

For example, after spending $50,000, or more, to reach the State of Clear, the new Clear is given a secret letter from L. Ron Hubbard telling them that they are in danger and get onto the OT levels as fast as possible or else! But how can this be if a Clear no longer has his or her Reactive Mind? A Clear is supposed to be at “Cause Over Life” and able to handle anything. However, they are told they in some kind of danger and won’t discover why until they do OT III

Jeffrey Augustine asks Aaron why it can take up to 20 years to move from Clear to OT in Scientology. This is a great question. Aaron explains why this happens to former Sea Org members who are treated like pariahs and lepers.

Aaron discusses how David Miscavige used the Golden Age of Tech I and II in an ideological manner to purge older Scientologists who were loyal to Hubbard and not Miscavige.

Aaron also offers fascinating insights into young 2nd generation Scientologists who attested that they were past life clears as early as 12 years of age. Aaron’s insights into this and the consequences it caused inside of Scientology are extremely fascinating.

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  1. So basically the only way to salvage one’s sunk cost of going “clear” is to continue on the far more expensive process of Oatee which will eventually reveal that now you know who you aren’t and still have no idea who you are.So do a few more purifs, students hats and sec checks or run around a pole in order to qualify for the imminent OT IX and X.”

    This is like contracting a firm that will do nothing but tear your house apart, and THEN advise you that now you have to spend on a whole new order of magnitude to make it habitable again. The only rational response would be to go shopping for another firm as well as an attorney. Unless your dilemma requires “religious arbitration,” of course.

    Underlying all of this is a much bigger lie, namely that Hubbard created dianetics–which is still held out as definitive science and unchangeable, workable tech– because conventional therapy is just too drawn out and expensive. Dianetcs offered the alternative: Invest $25 (or salvage it from your local library’s dumpster). Read the book, follow it with a friend or two as you would any other self-help program, and Ron is your uncle.

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