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Arthritic Scientology OT Forced to Sell E-Meter As He Can No Longer Hold the Cans

Today, Eleanor has arthritis. She is audited… tonight she doesn’t have arthritis.” L. Ron Hubbard, History of Man, 1952.

2020: An arthritic Scientologist is forced to sell his e-meter and he can no longer hold the cans.

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  1. Several years ago the Church of Scientology began, essentially, leasing its e-meters. While it calls it a “sale” there is a purchase contract whereby the Church can take the meter back at any time by refunding purchase price. Further, the e-meter has a clock chip that authorizes it to work for one year. At the end of one year, the user has to use a cable to attach their e-meter to their computer. They then log on to the RTC website to get their e-meter reauthorized. The RTC computer checks to see if the Scientologist is in good standing. If so, the computer reauthorizes the e-meter for another year. If the Scientologist is not in good standing then their e-meter is not reauthorized and becomes an inoperational paperweight. This is true and there is a purchase contract.

  2. Great catch Pen. The seller saying that he has to establish trust is indicative of the way in which Scientologists cheat each other of money owed. Scientologists can’t sue each other in a civil court. Some Scientologists take advantage of this to screw other Scientologists and never repay them. If a Scientologist is declared an SP and expelled from the Church, his former Scientology friends will never repay him or her monies owed. Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam still owes Leah Remini money for Scientology courses. He borrowed the money from her and never repaid it.

  3. Stay clear people! These are Russian Babushka Cans! Note the photo, they will stack and make you a Clear Super L Completion at Tampa in day!

  4. I think the trust question might be because the seller wants to be sure she sells to a true believer and not a “squirrel”. Co$ still thinks average people are DYING to get their hands on their precious machines, and still make members going for OTVII wear the machine around their chest while flying in airplanes. You know, because someone might steal it.

  5. What an amusing thought: SP’s and wogs are plotting to get their hands on a special uber COB deluxe meter. OTOH, trust is needed because Scientologists rip off each other so frequently.

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