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Update: Rizza Islam Out on Bail. Hanan Islam’s Bail Increased to $281,500

Rizza Islam paid bail and was released.

Hanan Islam’s bail was increased to $281,500 based on three priors she had.

Update: Our information shows that the felony charges against Rizza Islam have not been reduced to misdemeanors. We will know more at the arraignment next week.

In response to questions we have received, here are the points we emphasize in this matter:

The charges against Rizza Islam and his co-defendants have absolutely nothing to do with the Nation of Islam. Rather, the case centers around two Church of Scientology licensed entities: The World Literacy Crusade and the American Health and Education Clinic (AHEC). Rizza worked at these entities when he was a practicing Scientologist. These two entities delivered Scientology services. WLC was owned by Scientologist Alfreddie Johnson. AHEC was an LLC partnership. Hanan Islam was the majority owner and controlled AHEC.

The case against Rizza Islam and his co-defendants is based on the years 2010-2013 when Rizza was not a member of the Nation of Islam. Rizza was a practicing Scientologist in those years. Rizza held the title “International Ambassador for the World Literacy Crusade.” He has also served as a director for the Scientology-owned front group Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). This front group’s avowed purpose is to destroy Psychiatry. Rizza also won Scientology’s Youth For Human Rights Award. Rizza’s born date in the Nation of Islam is in June 16, 2015.

Some commenters online have argued that Rizza was arrested in retaliation for speaking out online as an NOI member and exposing corruption, conspiracies, etc. This is incorrect. Rizza was arrested for contempt of court in this old Scientology-related case and served five days in jail for contempt. When he finished that sentence, he was held for a few more days until the money was raised for his bail. Rizza’s arrest and time in jail had nothing to do with his social media activities. Nevertheless, Rizza is now attempting to conflate the two, which brings us to our next point:

Rizza Islam appears to be trying to turn his old Scientology-related criminal case into a claim that he is being persecuted for speaking out as a member of the Nation of Islam: Rizza’s attempt at damage control is emerging: He is trying to create and control a narrative that makes him look heroic. Rizza has already put a spin on his arrest and time in jail by stating, “This is what happens even to the best of us when you’re doing the best that you can. The enemy will find a way to attack or come at you especially when you are doing good deeds to resurrect the people.” Rizza’s story that he is being persecuted for righteousness sake is an attempt to deflect attention away from the $3.8 million dollar Medi-Cal fraud perpetrated by the Scientology-licensed AHEC. Rizza should not drag the Nation of Islam into his old Scientology legal problem.

Rizza Islam’s arrest for contempt of court occurred due to his belligerence in asserting his sovereign citizen defense. Judge Pastor allowed Rizza Islam to state his defense that he was a natural person and not the person named in the indictment. However, both Rizza and his mother became very belligerent and argumentative with Judge Pastor by persisting in this line of defense — and this despite his repeated warnings for them to stop. Both were arrested for contempt. This had nothing to do with Rizza’s social media work.

Rizza Islam’s Scientology past caught up with him. This case does not reflect upon the work he has done in the Nation of Islam. Because this Scientology-based case was delayed four years, it intruded into Rizza’s present life as a member of the Nation of Islam. Hence, he apparently feels the need to create a narrative that will play to his social media followers. We predict this will backfire on Rizza because the real details will emerge soon enough. As Rizza himself wrote, “ Wait for the facts to come out…. Justttt wait.”

Rizza Islam did not let his social media followers know he had a pending criminal case. Rizza had four years to make one video about this matter. He could have simply said it was the result of bad decisions. Everyone would have understood: People make mistakes in life. By not disclosing this part of his past, however, the news of Rizza’s arrest and criminal case caught many of his followers by surprise. Some felt betrayed by Rizza’s withholding this information.

Rizza has tried to downplay his Scientology past on social media when he should have been more forthcoming. To be fair, many people are in the same situation as Rizza: They don’t want anyone to know they were involved in the Church of Scientology, or, they attempt to minimize their involvement. This shows the horrible reputation Scientology has in Culture. We understand perfectly well why people don’t want their past involvement with the Church of Scientology to be known. Many people suffer from trauma, nightmares, bankruptcy, broken families, depression and other serious problems as a result of the suffering they experienced at the hands of the Church of Scientology.

Rizza Islam has publicly stated that he is not a Scientologist. While the Nation of Islam has embraced and uses the technology of Dianetics and Scientology, the Nation of Islam is not a part of the Church of Scientology and its members do not consider themselves to be Scientologists. Thus, when Rizza Islam became a formal member of the Nation of Islam in 2015, he ceased identifying himself as a Scientologist or with the Church of Scientology. That Nation of Islam members receive training and processing in Scientology facilities — and sometimes appear at public events with Scientologists — does not make them Scientologists in terms of self-identification. However, inasmuch as the Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam are inseparably bound together in their practice of Scientology as dictated by the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, the only real distinction comes down to which group one belongs to and identifies with: The Church of Scientology or the Nation of Islam.

Rizza’s attempt to deflect attention away from Scientology by identifying himself as a member of the Nation of Islam ring hollows — particularly when we see prominent NOI member Tony Muhammad promoting the Church of Scientology in Ireland. Why is Tony Muhammad helping Scientologist Jim Mathers launch Scientology in Ireland? Contrary to Rizza’s protestations, the Nation of Islam is bound to the Church of Scientology at the level of helping to recruit new people into the Church of Scientology.

Scientologist Jim Mathers and NOI member Tony Muhammad jointly promote the Church of Scientology in Ireland.

The Nation of Islam can only practice Scientology based upon a license issued by Scientology leader David Miscavige. Mr. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam can neither defy nor publicly denounce David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology.

Just this week, Scientology leader David Miscavige was named a defendant in yet another civil lawsuit against himself and the Church of Scientology:


Rizza Islam remains scheduled for arraignment on what now appear to be misdemeanor charges. The arraignment is on October 22, 2019:

Rizza’s mother Hanan Islam remains charged with four felonies and is presently in jail:

After her court appearance this morning (October 11, 2019) Hanan Islam’s bail was increased from $250,000 to $281,500. Note: Hanan Islam has a $5,000 bail hold not shown in the dollar amounts listed below:

Tony Ortega’s reporting in 2015 details what happened to the other defendants in this case:

Rudy Washington was principal of Chavez Continuation High School. Jesse L. Jones was principal of Centennial High School. And Keith Donerson was coach of the legendary Dons, the football team at Manuel Dominguez High School. When each were charged with Medi-Cal fraud in early October last year they were put on administrative leave, then were later fired.

According to Los Angeles County Superior Court records, the charges against Rudy Washington were either dismissed or not prosecuted, while Jones and Donerson were allowed to plead guilty to lesser charges.

The three educators allegedly supplied high school students to the clinic at the World Literacy Crusade, where Medi-Cal claims were submitted for drug rehab treatment, even though the football players and other students didn’t have addiction problems and were put through Scientology drills rather than drug counseling. The students themselves reportedly had no idea they were part of an insurance fraud scheme.

The fraudulent activity occurred between 2010 and 2013, according to Hanan Islam’s charging papers. In March 2014, the state’s Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse, a part of the state’s Department of Justice under Attorney General Kamala Harris, raided World Literacy Crusade and seized documents, which eventually led to the arrests and criminal charges.

More details as they become available.


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  1. It seems that at times the Nation of Islam gives a bad name to sincerely religious Muslims.

    And it also seems odd that the Church of Scientology has remained so silent on this issue. Their usual MO is to either “attack the attacker” or distance themselves from potential embarrassment by excommunicating the people involved.

    Perhaps they find themselves between a rock and a hard place. In this case they would be attacking law enforcement and whistleblowers for rooting out corruption and misuse of taxpayer money which would only confirm their participation in the scam.
    And also “putting in ethics” on members of the Nation of Islam might be something that they are not allowed to do as part of the two group’s symbiotic agreement.
    Looks like a lose-lose situation.

  2. I beg to differ with your statement that NOI “members do not consider themselves to be Scientologists” for two reasons.

    First, on June 9, 2018, I memorialized the names of numerous members of the Nation of Islam who are members of the Black Scientologists Facebook group, and thus self-identify as Scientologists:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Ministers of the Nation of Islam who are members of the Black Scientologists Facebook Group:

    Abdul Haleem Muhammad (Southwest Regional Minister of the Nation of Islam at Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in Houston.)

    Tony Muhammad (Western Regional Minister of the Nation of the Islam at Muhammad Mosque No. 27 in Los Angeles, 2017 Scientology Freedom Medal Winner and Scientology TV personality.)

    Other notable members of the Nation of Islam who are members of the Black Scientologists Facebook Group:

    Rashelle Farrakhan (Married to a grandson of Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan.)

    Rizza Islam (International Ambassador at the World Literacy Crusade.)

    Alexander Ofori-Muhammad (Class V Auditor at the Church of Scientology of London, Clear and OT I.)

    Jihad Muhammad (Student Coordinator at the Nation of Islam.)

    Nayyirah Tivica Muhammad (Works for the Nation of Islam, and a Power FSM (Field Staff Member) of the Church of Scientology in 2017.)

    Other members of the Nation of Islam who are members of the Black Scientologists Facebook Group:

    Iara Ayisha
    Alexis X Black
    Vickie X Campbell
    Ahn-MahRee X Henry
    David Johnson-Muhammad
    Khallada F. Mita
    Abdul Rabb Muhammad
    Aiesha K Muhammad
    Akili Graham Muhammad
    Allison Muhammad
    Alvinice Muhammad
    Angela Eveline Muhammad
    Betty Muhammad
    Bobby Muhammad
    Danny Muhammad
    Eric R. Muhammad
    Eugenia M. Muhammad
    Hodgie Muhammad
    Ian Muhammad
    Iris Muhammad
    Iris TE Muhammad
    Isabel Muhammad
    Jacqueline Muhammad
    Josh Muhammad
    Julie Muhammad
    Kendrick Muhammad
    Kenny Muhammad
    Kermit Muhammad
    LaTrella Muhammad
    Lorraine Muhammad
    Nasir Shabazz Mutah Muhammad
    Nayyirah Tivica Muhammad
    Pamela Muhammad
    Remonia Muhammad
    Tamara Muhammad
    Tawana Tolbert-Muhammad
    Valerie Muhammad
    Valerie A. Muhammad
    Warren F Muhammad
    Zakki Muhammad
    Tamara Nkrumah
    Abdul Rahman
    Halimah Rahman
    Amatullah Sabreen
    Zenobia X. Williams II

    * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    Unfortunately, after I posted the above, the Black Scientologists Facebook group hid its membership list.

    Secondly, even if they somehow do not subjectively “consider themselves to be Scientologists,” they are clearly practicing the religion of Scientology (leaving aside the question of whether Scientology is a religion) by doing Scientology religious services. For example, Alexander-Ofori-Muhammad is OT IV. Sister Nayyirah Tivica Muhammad is Clear, a Super Power Completion, a cause Resurgence Rundown Completion, and and PTS/SP Course Graduate. NOI Minister Tony Muhammad did Super Power. I regularly memorialize other NOI members doing Scientology religious services (i.e., not including Dianatics). If becoming OT IV, or Clear, or doing Super Power, etc. do not qualify as practicing the religion of Scientology, what would? Can someone who has become Clear, or OT IV, or done Super Power, etc. with a straight face assert they are not a Scientologist?

  3. ISNOINews: Your points are well-taken and I don’t disagree. What I posted was the public position taken by Rizza Islam and others in the Nation of Islam. From a syncretic point of view, NOI members have to adopt the concepts, thinking, language, and practices of L. Ron Hubbard to be able to practice Scientology. NOI members receive Scientology auditing; conceive of themselves as thetans; and so on. Hence, an argument can be made that NOI members are effectively practicing Scientologists who assert their Nation of Islam membership and NOI ideology as their core identity.

    Ishmael Bey and Rizza Islam had a very interesting debate on the matter:

  4. This is the latest damage control piece Rizza Islam just posted online. Comments?

  5. Rizza Islam is acting like the eight days he spent in County Jail makes him a martyr. This is an insult to everyone who’s done real time in prison.

    And why Is Rizza Islam so intent on dragging the Nation of Islam into a problem he and Scientology are responsible for creating? The $3.8 million Medi-Cal fraud Rizza is charged in has nothing do with the Nation of Islam. As Jeff noted, Rizza wasn’t even a member of the NOI when the Medi-Cal fraud went down from 2010-2013.

    Rizza is leaning heavily on his 20 years of Scientology training to deflect responsibility for something he was involved in as a Scientologist.

    The Nation of Islam did NOT create the problem and they weren’t involved with the program. So much of what he is doing the last 4 plus years is pure Scientology spin control. And he is using the Nation of Islam as a shield to deflect attention away from the negative PR related to his criminal charges.

    Rizza is responsible for turning this onto the NOI, and he has done this over 4 + years now. His Mother just started showing up in court dressed as an NOI Member. Hanan is also trying to use the NOI as a shield and to deflect attention away from her four serious felony charges.

    I saw a very recent video of Rizza with Malcolm Flex, where Rizza stated his Mother is an NOI member. Most of the content of that video was Scientology TR-L spin control.

    Rizza Islam has been carefully been weaving this into what Scientology calls a “Shore Story” into an NOI narrative.

    Rizza created problems online when he showed up at the murder scene of the Nipsey Hussle assassination. He did a live video he posted to Instagram that went viral.

  6. Hanan Islam and Alfreddie Johnson took over a Charter School in Florida and Bankrupted the shool. they pushed Scientology on the Children and their parents. these stories made Nation news.
    this is a collection of 10 articles. see links below
    Pinellas charter school reaches out to Scientology for help
    Controversy over Scientology influence clouds future of Pinellas charter school – Tampa Bay Times
    Pinellas school superintendent wants Scientology-tied charter school closed
    Don’t tolerate indoctrination in schools
    Charter school dangers on display in Scientology case
    Pinellas School Board approves notice of termination for Life Force charter school
    Pinellas School Board approves notice of termination for Life Force charter school
    Parents, teachers blast management of Life Force Arts and Technology Academy
    Life Force teachers, principal struggle to figure out charter school’s finances
    FCAT scores at Pinellas charter school that used Scientology ‘study tech’ are among lowest in Tampa Bay

  7. Never trust the Media when it comes to civil right leaders or advocates. They have never been for the people and we know how this demonic government has killed, discredited and destroyed leaders and potential leaders.

  8. Rizza Islam was arrested and charged in 2015 for his role in Medi-Cal fraud and insurance fraud. Both of the charges are felonies. Rizza created his own problems when he was in Scientology by helping to rip off $3.8 million dollars. These are the facts.

    Repeat: Rizza created his own problems and is not telling the truth about it.

  9. You attempt to separate The Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology and yet they are to this day very much sleeping together with members of the NOI receiving awards from COS and member of the NOI being indoctrinated into the COS in secret meetings all while Luis Farrakhan calls L Ron Hubbard “The Honorable” when the man didn’t believe in Christ or Allah.

  10. What you say is correct. My point was this: Rizza Islam tried to blame the felony charges against him as some sort of persecution by the State of California because he was doing the work of the Nation of Islam. This is a lie on Rizza’s part. The crimes with which he and his family are charged occurred when he was a Scientologist and a member of the Church of Scientology.

    Nation of Islam members are, and must be, Scientologists in all respects when they do Scientology. This is a function of KSW. However, they maintain their core identity as members of the Nation of Islam. However, this syncretism has profoundly changed the Nation of Islam because the dictates of a White man named L. Ron Hubbard now inform and lead the thought and actions of the Nation at a very fundamental level.

  11. Any updates on this case? When people bring it up in interviews he dodges and deflects the question. I’m really wondering if he became an informant.

  12. The pretrial conference in Rizza Islam’s criminal case is set for Jan 12, 2021 in the Downtown Los Angeles criminal court. No defendant should ever say anything about their upcoming criminal trial. Prosecutors can use those comments and social media postings against them at trial. We understand why Rizza Islam won’t comment. That’s the smart thing to do.

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