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OpEd: Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey Should Recuse Herself from the Danny Masterson Rape Investigation

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey has slow rolled the Masterson case in her office for almost two years now. Why the indecision? Why can’t Lacey make a decision? She was elected to make hard decisions and yet refuses to do so in the Masterson case. We believe this is purely political delay on Lacey’s part.

We think it is time for the indecisive Jackie Lacey to recuse herself from the Masterson case and hand it over to one of her deputies who can make a decision.

Please tweet: @LADAOffice #JackieLacey — We demand that you recuse yourself from the #Danny Masterson case due to your 2 year+ inability to make a decision. Let someone who can actually make a decision take over for you!

In what what certainly qualifies as the appearance of impropriety, Scientology operative Taryn Teutsch was last year photographed at an event with LA DA Lacey. Astonishingly, Lacey’s office did not demand that this tweet be taken down.

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  1. In my own case against a professional athlete, the District Attorney’s office, in spite of his own admission of several crimes “in writing” that correspond to what a 911 caller, along with myself said, MAGICALLY slow rolled my case & did not file charges. The evidence has been shown to several high powered defense attorneys & prosecutors & NONE understand why charges were not filed. However, Ms Lacey’s pics with Laker’s Magic Johnson & her Dodger’s game attendance shows her allegiance lies with being liked & keeping a positive relationship with the teams, SCREW VICTIMS! Don’t believe me? Google how the District Attorney’s office “MAGICALLY” lost the “overwhelming” & “required” evidence to file charges for Danny Masterson’s(actor) rape cases. This is a regular thing at the DA’s office in Los Angeles. Don’t trust a “jersey chasing” and “star struck” District Attorney who over accepts “gifts,” with protecting the public. Public vs athlete? Loss!

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