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Breaking News: Scientology Measles Ship Freewinds Flees Quarantine in St. Lucia & is Underway to Curacao

Freewinds Tracking

The Scientology measles ship MV Freewinds has left quarantine in St. Lucia and is headed for Curacao.

St. Lucia health authorities yesterday had ordered the MV Freewinds into a 21 day quarantine after a cases of measles was confirmed aboard the Scientology vessel. The MV Freewinds chose instead to depart St. Lucia and the quarantine and head back to its home port in Curacao.

The video below discusses how former Sea Org member Valeska Paris was sent to the Scientology prison ship Freewinds for 12 years in retaliation for her mother speaking out against Scientology on French television:

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  1. Will they be quarantined on Curacao or will they be allowed to spread measles to the island? How influential is Scientology on the island

  2. Great question Kat. IMO, the measles are where Scientology’s bribe money ends.

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