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Scientologist Grant Cardone Showers in the Nude with His Nine Year Old Daughter Days Before His “10X Growth Conference 3” with Spanx CEO Sarah Blakely and Others

On the eve of his 10X Growth Conference that features Spanx CEO Sarah Blakely, Steve Harvey, and other notables, Scientologists Grant and Elena Cardone posted this video on social media which shows Cardone showering in the nude with his nine year old daughter. @Seekandfind reposted it and we repost it here.

Would the speakers at Grant Cardone’s upcoming 10X Growth Conference 3 approve of Cardone showering in the nude with his nine year old daughter?

The 60 year Grant Cardone showering naked with his equally nude nine year old daughter and then posting it on social media is a matter of serious concern as it raises many troubling questions. Elena Cardone filmed the video and asked Grant to “cover up” with a towel when she panned over to film her husband and their daughter showering together.

As CEO of Cardone Capital, Grant Cardone has $800 million under management. Given his responsibilities and obligations to his investors — and his duty to protect the reputation of Cardone Capital — his posting this video is completely inappropriate and irresponsible in our view. A publicly traded company would likely fire a CEO for posting such a video. Were we a Board member, we would vote to fire a CEO who did this sort of thing. CEO’s have been fired for less. Decorum and propriety are expected of a CEO.

Investors should question the soundness of Cardone’s judgment as well as his character: Why would a CEO who is trying to build his work into a billion dollar brand post a video online of himself showering in the nude with his daughter? What does this have to do with building wealth, reputation, or shareholder value? The video is weird and disturbing and reinforces the perception of Grant and Elena Cardone’s often erratic behavior on social media. People see Grant and Elena as nouveau riche and crass, which is perfectly excusable so long as Cardone is paying distributions, but the shower video goes far beyond crassness and is actually quite disturbing.

Some people who see this video will ask very ugly questions. Most of Cardone’s investors are parents and grandparents and even great grandparents. It is natural, therefore, for them to have these valid questions and concerns.

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  1. OMG, both parents of the little girl are too strange for words. Yes, fire the freak of nature.

  2. OMG, WHAT is the big deal? It’s just bodies, meat sacks of no importance on your spiritual quest. IMO, Ron properly placed “hiding bodies” below 0 on the tone scale. NOW, if there was some out 2D (anything sexual) happening at the same time, that’s just so wrong…. BUT there was no indication I’ve heard that it was anything more than two people washing up, saving some water, one big, one little. Heck, how many times over the years did he change her diapers? If neither parent made it into a big thing, then the girl might have been harmed, but from what I’ve heard in the Naturist arena, kids that age aren’t likely to think anything’s wrong unless someone tells them so. IRL, casual nudity rarely becomes an issue outside of a contentious divorce. IMO, kids who grow up with it are likely to be better balanced WRT the opposite gender as they grow up. AFAICT, it’s common for parents to throw two kids into the tub to wash up before bed, same or different genders doesn’t matter. At our marina, some Dads usually took daughter for her shower in the men’s shower room. No big deal though I made sure I was fully dressed when I exited my shower, just in case. [It was MY hangup, not anyone else’s.]

  3. Now, that his WIFE posted it to instagram for the world to see MIGHT deserve the pornography label. There are a bunch of sick-os out there who would get off on the mere suggestion….

    Evidently, she either thought it was innocent, or cute, (OR might be considering a contentious divorce.)I *know* nothing more than is contained on this page.

  4. citing the video as cause to distrust his judgement is unnecessary; That he’s a scientologist is more than reason enough, IMO.

  5. Grand Cardone and his wife are the best and more ethical people i know, all Scientologyst have huge Etichs, that’s how the religion works high level of values and ethics.

    Stop with the black propaganda

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