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Breaking News: David Miscavige’s Medal NOT AUTHORIZED by the Colombian Police!

As is being reported by International Scientology News and other sites, the medal Scientology leader David Miscavige received in Barbados from a retired Colombian Police official was not authorized by the Colombian Police. This explains why the ceremony was held in Barbados and not in the Colombian port of Cartagena.

Colombia Reports carried this headline:

The story is blowing up in Colombia and soon the news of David Miscavige’s fake medal will become international news. This story is reminiscent of David Miscavige’s fraud with the Atlantic Advertorial:

The article from a Google translation of an article in Colombia:

The publication on the website of David Miscavige, world leader of Scientology, of a decoration made by General (r) Carlos Mena last June, has generated controversy because the retired officer acted on behalf of the institution without his permission .

According to the Miscavige website, on June 23 in Bridgetown, Barbados, the officer, who is observed in the photographs in his police uniform, delivered “on behalf of the Colombian National Police” the transparency medal of the General Inspection Brigadier General Jaime Ramírez Gómez.

The resolution to grant said medal to Miscavige, apparently, was signed by the same General (r) Mena last December, when he was still Inspector General of the Police, a position he held until January, when he retired for having completed his years of service In the institution.

However, sources consulted by The W confirmed that neither in the current General Inspectorate nor in the Police Directorate were they aware of the trip of General (r) Mena to Barbados, which apparently was on June 22, for -estando uniformed- to decorate Miscavige in an act in which he was recognized as Inspector General of the Police and in which national symbols were displayed, such as the Colombian flag.

That is, as understood on the Miscavige website, General (r) Mena acted on behalf of the National Police, although he did not have authorization to do so.

Other retired officers consulted by La W explained that this type of acts or decorations could be done by a retired officer, only if the director of the Police, in this case General Jorge Hernando Nieto, authorizes it, which did not happen in This time.

For this reason, within the Police it is investigated what exactly happened and what actions the Institution could take by the use of its name in this act in foreign territory.

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  1. Scientology gets stooges to award it a medal to which it is not entitled. And in other news, the IRS is the least popular agency in the U.S. government, Cubs fans are optimistic that it will be less than 108 years before their next World series win, and the sun rose in the east this morning.

  2. The Transparency Medal became a little too transparent. Now everyone can see completely through the facade.

    Scientology medal winners typically pay vast sums to get theirs. How much did Miscavige’s medal cost?

  3. S.Whittle, the ones who will hear about it are in OSA and DSA offices, where they are obliged by policy to gather the “negative” press and formulate counter strategies to negate the negative press and actions. Always that negative stuff does land on a few SCientologists’ plates, the OSA and DSA people of that zone to try to deal with it. I always am hopeful for MORE OSA/DSA defectors who finally are tired of their years doing their activity, and defect. Ex OSA staff on Leah’s show would be great to see!

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