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Scientology: No New Twitter Followers in the Past 18 Months ; Scientology TV Producing No Results!!

As the statistics on make clear, the Church of Scientology gained no new followers on Twitter in the period April 2018 — July 2018.

With the exception of adding about 1,800 followers in the period November 2017 — February 2018, Scientology on Twitter flatlined and has been dead since January 2017.

However, the ~1800 the Twitter followers Scientology added were all lost on July 17, 2018 when Twitter stripped Scientology of 1,882 fake followers.

Essentially, Scientology has been dead on Twitter from January 2017 through July 2018. Eighteen months of no new Twitter followers!

David Miscavige’s $100 million dollar white elephant a/k/a Scientology TV has had zero impact on social media.

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  1. Xenu won’t take Scientology’s money and wants nothing to do with this Cult. Xenu says he was unjustly blamed for bad acts David Miscavige actually committed 75,000,000 years ago :0

  2. Good question Pete.

    Watching Scientology’s efforts on Twitter proves that Scientology’s policy of Fair Game is alive and well as shown by the Cult’s hate websites against leading critics or “campaigners” as the Commonwealth countries say. Scientology itself gives campaigners the evidence needed to demonstrate Scientology’s inherent malice.

    The recent reports of an easing of brutality and extreme high pressure sales within Scientology serve only as an admission that Scientology has been brutal and greedy. Over against this, Tony Ortega’s recent article about how Scientology used an “Ice Cream Date” to rip off a 75 year old man and bury him in debt suggests that new people coming into Scientology are still treated as raw meat and can be crushed regged using young attractive females.

    Only the older existing members who have been drained for decades might be spared — but even then Scientology is now asking these people for smaller monthly donations, this after draining them of their larger pools of money, pressuring them to take out second and third mortgages, etc.

  3. I don’t think they want to rock the boat just now… They lost a big lawsuit last week & now they have bilked poor Efrem out of his life savings & ruined the man’s credit. I think we will see Efrem’s savvy attorney involve the FTC, The AG, & a litany of other law enforcement agencies. You just can’t open up credit cards in someones name & charge up $73,000. Efrem was 74 when he joined the Scilons. In less than a year they stole evrything from him & kicked him to the curb….

    They also have the Danny Masterson rape charges (X4) that HAS to be in the wings..

    Jackie Lacey seems to be outwardly safepointed? It’s like she thinks she can do or not do as she wishes with impunity…

    Continue to stir the pot Jeffrey

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