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Evidence of a Targeted Scientology Threat Against an Individual

Aaron Smith-Levin tweeted a letter from the Church of Scientology to a private individual. That person gave Aaron permission to publicly repost this letter and we do so here at the Scientology Money Project.

This letter from Scientology is a threat, a form of psychological intimidation against Anthony Nelson and his wife. Scientology clearly accuses Nelson’s wife as being the reason he is no longer doing Scientology.

This letter is an explicit attempt by Scientology to interfere in a marriage by characterizing Nelson’s wife as someone who is preventing her husband from going forward in Scientology. In other words, Scientology is calling her an SP. As such, the letter tacitly asserts Scientology doctrine of Fair Game in which SP’s may be tricked, lied to, and destroyed.

Given Nelson’s knowledge of Scientology Office of Special Affairs and its ability to conduct Fair Game operations against persons deemed SP’s, this letter is a thinly-veiled threat that Nelson’s wife should stop interfering with him doing Scientology. The Church arrogantly presumes that Mr. Nelson would go forward with Scientology were it not for his SP wife.

This is a truly creepy, threatening, and disturbing letter:

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  1. Interestingly, if a woman received a letter from a former boyfriend saying, “Why does your current boyfriend not want you to get back together with me? Don’t you want to improve and have a great life by coming back to me?” that would result in an easy-to-get restraining order. No such process exists for people getting creepy stuff from Scientology.

    I’m assuming that because Anthony Nelson sent the letter to Aaron Smith-Levin and allowed it to be reproduced with his name that Mr. Nelson has no desire to continue with Scientology. It’s pretty amusing that the cult assumes the only thing standing between them and his money is the new wife. He couldn’t possibly be an ex-scientologist for some other reason, could he?

  2. I was ambushed to a marriage counseling session once – I had no idea why we were going to the mission, for some reason my alcoholic, abusive husband was deemed gung ho and I was called a victim.
    They thought I was the one keeping this fraud from going up the bridge….oh, please!

  3. “my alcoholic, abusive husband was deemed gung ho and I was called a victim.” Hmm… sounds like another Scientology couple named Dave and Shelly.

  4. JPC, it is a weird, creepy letter a stalker would write. And you’re correct: If it were written anywhere else a court would give the recipient a TRO against the sender in about thirty seconds. This letter is all about Scientology thinking it owns people and has to right to interfere with their marriages, families, children, business, Facebook friends, and everything else.

  5. An IAS Reg named Hollingsworth could quote Hubbard policy on why there is “no right to privacy”, which, if course, gave regges freedom to wreak havoc on any potential target’s life when they wanted his money! A jolly good rucking!

  6. Nan B, over and over, time and time again, I saw he/she who pays is ALWAYS the ethical, higher-toned, righteous big being in those situations. DISGUSTED me then, just like now.

  7. I totally see what you mean but I was thinking it was a child who’s first language was not English.

  8. Yes, JPC – those were my initial thoughts also. It’s not just incredibly creepy, but the arrogance is up around 11/10! Oh, Mr Nelson is apparently a mindless automaton now that he’s decided to put a stop to the wallet biopsies, is he?!

    Apparently stalking private citizens is, in fact, legal if you’re nominally a religion in the US. It makes me wonder if they behave with such flagrant impunity elsewhere.

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