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  1. I am unable to access the survey. I am a Canadian citizen and I have no supporting documents. I do have very much to say about how this group has impacted/ruined my family financially, for what it’s worth. I have no expectation of compensation for my losses, but would like to help expose the criminal activity of this group, and hopefully see it destroyed. It was Income Tax Evasion that finally brought Al Capone down! I think what you are doing is the key to bringing down Scientology and David Miscavige.

  2. Please post what information you have here in the comments. Everything matters.

  3. Great job. If my comment here is off base, it’s because I have not completed the survey as I’m a never-in so I don’t want to skew your numbers. So I’m merely guessing at what sort of things you might be asking.

    One of the challenges you may face in interpreting the data is that you’re almost certain to undercount the average dollar losses per person as well as the number of people who walked away from deposits.

    That’s because I suspect that there are a large number of people who left 10-20 years ago who left a lot of money on the table without fighting for a refund but who aren’t going to respond now because it was long enough ago that they have shut the door on the chapter of their lives involving Scientology. Thus, they’re not going to be involved in critic sites or other activism and either won’t receive notice of the survey or won’t choose to respond.

    One reason I think the average loss per person for that period (versus people who have left in the last 5 years, say) is that the people who left a few years ago were probably far less gung-ho than those leaving more recently. I’d be willing to guess that the people leaving in the past were more involved in entrepreneurial businesses versus the chiropractors, vets and dentists whose professions are highly income-limited and who have a lot more incentive to stick with Scientology in hope that those promised super powers will eventually show up. Also, more gung-ho members who remained in Scientology until recently might be more likely to actually use the funds on deposit if their loyalty to the group remains undiminished.

    If I’m right, the number of people who left the cult leaving on account, say, $250,000 or more has diminished gradually not only in absolute number but also in terms of a percentage of the people leaving in a given year. So let’s say that you’ve asked the date people left Scientology and the amount left on the table. The number of people who left over $250k behind when they left might have been 10% for people who left in 1990, but is probably closer to zero today.

    I hope you have a great sample of responses. I’m looking forward to seeing your report on the results.

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