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STAND League: Scientology’s Latest Hypocrisy

Scientology is rightly and widely criticized for its barbaric practices of Disconnection; character assassination; spying on people; the use of child labor; and many other incredibly inhumane practices. Rather than acknowledging these things and implementing reforms, Scientology ignores it all in favor of using a standard old ploy. This old ploy is for Scientologists to feign righteous indignation and claim religious persecution. Scientology will not change its brutal and lying ways and so it screams that it is the victim of bigotry.

Scientology’s latest tax-exempt scam is STAND, an acronym meaning “Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination.” STAND is presently waging a campaign on social media. STAND is largely a reaction to the enormous success of Leah Remini’s show Scientology And The Aftermath.

As part of STAND’s attack it is attempting to shame the sponsors of Leah’s show. This is quite hypocritical coming from a cult that has no shame and once conned a brain-damaged man out of his life savings. See: BRAINED-Raul-Lopez-Scientology-Story

As a part of STAND’s efforts, Walgreens, GMC, Little Caesars, Carl’s Jr., Bud Light, Geico and other companies are being singled out on STAND’s bizarre website. STAND is also insisting that everyone should sign Scientology’s ridiculously self-serving Charter on Journalistic Ethics in Relation to Respect for Religion or Belief.

This charter has Scientology pontificating to the media and demanding censorship:

A responsible media avoids discriminatory or denigrating references to religious beliefs and spiritual values…

A responsible media refrains from reinterpreting, misinterpreting, analyzing, assessing or examining religious beliefs or the expression of these beliefs. Instead, it maintains a strict duty of neutrality and objectivity—accepting what the religion puts forward as its true beliefs without disapproval, contempt, condescension, bias or ridicule.

The Church of Scientology wants to hold the media to the same standard as the US Government:


Scientology is so addicted to the crack cocaine of First Amendment religious protections that it actually thinks the secular for-profit media has an obligation to refrain from commenting on religious matters. Scientology actually expects the media to take religious pronouncements at face value. This is absurd. If the media did not challenge the statements and claims of all religions then priests could rape children with impunity; televangelists could endlessly swindle poor people with promises of prosperity; and Scientology could continue to con brain-damaged people out of their life savings. In a free society, the media can and must challenge the status quo, corruption, the powerful, and everything else.

Furthermore, Scientology will not publicly own up to its Xenu cosmology and therefore demands that the media refrain from ever mentioning this matter. Scientology seriously expects the media to remain silent, or at least neutral, on the matter of Xenu. This is both silly and unrealistic. The job of a free press is to analyze, dissect, expose, discuss, and even lampoon people, institutions, and belief systems. And yet the Church of Scientology is so deluded that it actually thinks it should get a free pass by screaming that it is a victim — and this even as it continues to destroy people spiritually and financially, break up families, and disgracefully treat its Sea Org members as chattel.

A recent tweet linked to a STAND article that attempted to shame the insurance company Geico for sponsoring Leah Remini’s show. It seems that some Scientologists are calling for a cancellation of Geico policies currently held by Scientologists. This tweet is unintentionally funny as it shows very little commitment:

The problems with Scientology boycotting or “naming and shaming” Geico are enormous:

1. Geico is a division of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, a company whose 2016 revenue was $223.6 billion USD. A more meaningful protest by STAND would require the naming and shaming of Geico parent Berkshire Hathaway and the many companies it owns or holds a significant interest in. These companies include American Airlines, American Express, Apple,  Charter Communications, UPS, IBM, Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, Costco, Wal-Mart, Duracell, Verizon, Wells Fargo — and just keep going. The list is very long.

2. Scientology’s salespeople, its so-called regges, are helping to enrich Berkshire Hathaway each and every time a Scientologist pays for Scientology’s goods and services with a MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or a Wells Fargo credit card. Likewise, credit cards offered by American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Costco, Bank of New York Mellon, Goldman Sachs, and US Bancorp also help to enrich Berkshire Hathaway. Why isn’t STAND calling for a boycott of these credit card companies? Is boycotting credit card companies hitting too close to home for the money-obsessed Church of Scientology? The answer is a definite yes. Scientology management would likely argue, “by all means cancel your Geico policy as a gesture, but leave AMEX and the rest of the credit card companies the hell alone!”

3. Geico is the second largest auto insurer in the USA and insures over 24,000,000 vehicles. Scientology has perhaps 20,000 – 25,000 members. Therefore, even if all Scientologists were insured by Geico and cancelled, this would only represent 1/10th of 1% of the vehicles insured by Geico. This number is statistically insignificant. Geico’s own website shows 2016 “admitted assets” of $ 27,197,917,293 USD. The incredible shrinking cult of Scientology lacks the power to financially harm anyone except its own members.

4. Leah Remini’s show is available on television, the internet, and all digital devices that can stream television programs. If STAND wanted to boycott all platforms capable of streaming Leah’s show, then STAND would logically name and shame Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Oracle, Adobe, and every other software company and hardware manufacturer whose products contribute to the broadcast of Leah’s show.

5. In order to punish all guilty parties that contribute to Leah’s show, STAND would need to call for a comprehensive boycott of the vast integrated electrical grid and communications network that underlies television, the internet, and mobile devices. This sprawling global network includes hydroelectric power plants; satellites; cell towers; microwave towers; and millions of miles of fiber optic cable and electrical wiring. In the US alone, internet server farms operate more than 100 million hard drives that contain in excess of 350 million terabytes of data.

The Church of Scientology’s STAND group does not seem to comprehend the enormous technical, communications, and financial infrastructure in which Leah Remini’s show Scientology: The Aftermath exists. STAND cannot boycott or shame this infrastructure in any meaningful way whatsoever.

The reason that virtually all this enormous electrical, industrial, technical, and communications, infrastructure exists is capitalist in nature. This infrastructure generates tens of trillions of dollars each year. Commercial broadcasting exists to make money. The Constitutional basis of commercial broadcasting in America is the First Amendment right of free speech. Leah Remini is engaging in free speech in order to expose the depredations of the Church of Scientology. Leah’s show is a hit and it is making money. That is how commercial broadcasting works in a capitalist society: Any company or individual can use broadcasting to engage in social justice; in raising public awareness of issues; or to expose crime and fraud — and they can make money doing it.
That is how the system works. The CBS show 60 Minutes first aired on September 24, 1968 and has made CBS a great deal of money by specializing in exposing scams and frauds.

Likewise, Scientology has made a fortune peddling its wares. What does Scientology have to complain about? It has profited enormously from its First Amendment protections and yet hates it when others enjoy the same protections and are able to make money. Scientology uses its hate websites to attack Psychiatry, SP’s, 1.1’s, the media, and a litany of other people and groups it hates and yet it hypocritically demands that it not be exposed for what it is by the media. The Scientology Cult can dish it out but can’t take it.

While STAND certainly has every right to name and shame and to boycott those companies that advertise on Leah’s show, STAND is nevertheless missing the point. Scientology leader David Miscavige poured somewhere around $100 million dollars of Scientologists’ donations into Scientology Media Productions and yet SMP has not broadcast a single television program since its grand opening on May 28, 2016.

Why isn’t SMP broadcasting STAND’s message across the world of cable television? Why isn’t Scientology buying time on television networks with its enormous wealth to get out STAND’s message? Why is STAND reduced to a mediocre website and a Twitter campaign? Sounds like David “McScrooge” Miscavige is too tightfisted to really care.

SMP is a world-class studio that apparently does nothing. Rather, we see STAND impotently flailing away on Twitter where it is literally tilting against windmills and a cartoon lizard:

L. Ron Hubbard placed a high personal value on creation and the value of artists. Scientology Media Productions has Hollywood-level professional production capabilities. Scientology has television and movie stars as members. Despite these assets, STAND’s solution is to name and shame Geico and other companies while SMP remains silent and empty. This is failure writ large in the Scientology universe.

Scientology Media Productions empty studios mirrors Scientology’s empty Ideal Orgs

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  1. S.T.A.N.D. is just one more of Scientology’s many, non functioning
    Front groups. I speak from experience. ..I was a member for 30 years. Once I decided to leave, for 17 YEARS they have Discriminated against me and hundreds of others who left, too.
    They write flat out LIES about me, and then refuse to ever hear my side, or correct their lies.
    Why? Because I know what criminals they are. As I tell people all the time: “FIND OUT ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY, IT’S WORSE THAN YOU THINK!”
    Tory Christman
    Ex-Sea Org, staff, O.T.7
    Ex-Grad 5 auditor
    Ex-OSA volunteer
    Free at last!

  2. STAND is a pretty lame attempt at speaking up for religious freedom. They come across as a bunch of entitled whiners, and even if you don’t know anything about Scientology, they appear to be mostly interested in advancing their own case. I somehow doubt they’ll be talking about persecution of the few remaining Christians in Pakistan, for instance.

    The idea that Scientology has enough firepower to mount a meaningful boycott is laughable. You said that if all of Scientology’s 20,000-25,000 global members were insured through Geico, it would be 0.1% of their total auto coverage pool. I’d bet that there are no more than 200-250 cars insured through Geico, given that there are thousands of staff members who don’t even own a car, among the perhaps 12,000-15,000 active cult members in the US. So the true number is more like 0.001% of Geico policies are at risk.

    Even well-organized and large umbrella groups like the various “Moral Majority” types who peaked in the 1980s and 1990s were utterly ineffective at putting together meaningful boycotts. These were groups with millions of people on their mailing list. And remember, for a large national retailer like Wal-Mart, a sudden sales drop of 3% would have a significant effect on their stock price. After boycotts announced for retailers’ support of gay rights, a favorite cause of the far-right culture warriors, there has never been any discernible impact on any large national business.

    It used to be that companies would have someone in the PR department assigned to meet with pressure groups threatening boycotts to at least pretend to address their concerns, on the off chance that they might somehow have enough “juice” to have some effect. These days, I think most companies just ignore those groups and don’t even go through the motions. They’ve got really good data on what impact actually happened with sales and they have satisfied themselves that there’s no risk. Companies know the pressure groups are bluffing, but the pressure groups don’t know that there are no bullets in what they imagine to be their “gun.”

  3. Thanks so much for all your work Jeff! This article is one of the most telling I have ever read. I was already on the war path for jusitce on DM and Scientology attrocities. Now I am tenfold!

  4. Ah, shades of Terry Rakolta. Married With Children came out of that boycott with stronger ratings.

    STAND needs to justify its existence, I suppose. Their public pronouncements no doubt seem righteously heroic and stirring to (deluded) believers. Like Scientology’s pretty but empty buildings, it’s all for show.

    I “boycott” any movie, music, talk show appearance, etc. by celebrity Scientologists, but that’s mostly because I can’t stomach watching them. I certainly don’t fool myself into believing it makes one iota of difference to them and certainly not to Scientology.

  5. “A responsible media avoids discriminatory or denigrating references to religious beliefs and spiritual values…”

    Nice of STAND to confirm that disconnection, fair game and other abuses are ensconced in the values and beliefs of Scientology.

  6. Scientology – if you don’t want anyone to expose your long history of forcing your female staff to get abortions, forced child labor and abuse, protecting child rapist, etc. then come clean, take responsibility and change. Until then, SIT DOWN while the general public are warned about you.

  7. Using the “Religious Bigotry” card while they act like thugs internally, throwing Sea Org members into feces ponds, putting heads in toilet, covering up molestations and rape internally, kidnapping, holding against will…the Scientology Cult is the Frankenstein of religions pretending ecclesiastical rights, but Ex members are increasingly whistleblowing …

  8. Originally Posted By Billy Blowdown:

    After I attended the confidential briefing on Geico’s attempt to sabotage Ron’s Bridge on this planet, I was the first to stand up and commit to donating money to stop this existential threat to mankind! For anyone who did not attend or already start donating, you really need to get into your local IAS office and join the crusade, on this planet.

    The briefing really raised my awareness as a being and made it possible to take full responsibility for the condition of this slave planet, on this planet. During the briefing I had a huge win that I want to share:


    I attended the Geico briefing and totally handled huge amounts
    of BPC and a 4th dynamic ruin that I didn’t even know I had!

    After the first hour of r-factors about how Geico is trying to start
    a nuclear war on this planet in order to destroy Scientology and
    all life forms–I stood up and began loudly applauding and cheering.
    Immediately, a half dozen gargantuan ethics officers grabbed my
    MEST body and rush-routed me out of the event. They put me on
    the meter and began screaming tone 40 questions at me,
    like: “WTF WERE YOU THINKING?!!!”

    Naturally, I told them that when I understood the orders of magnitude
    of attacks that Geico was making against my religion on this planet,
    I smiled to myself with total knowingness that “People only attack us
    when we are winning!” So, I knew that Scientology was flourishing
    and prospering like never before!

    I probably should have waited for the rest of the briefing because they
    r-factored me that when Scientology is attacked it can be EITHER a
    horrifying loss OR a wonderful OT win—depending on whether the
    event is trying to solicit donations.

    I was assigned lower conditions and am now working on making up
    the damage by delivering a blow to the enemy, despite personal
    danger. Just this morning I walked into a Geico office and pretended
    I was buying insurance. Then I told the agent about the Xenu and
    OT III materials so they would get pneumonia and die. As I was describing
    the volcanos they kept laughing. So I left. But, I smiled to myself knowing
    that they are operating on a com lag and will die pretty soon!

    Also, my space continues to grow larger and larger and calmer and
    calmer as I validate my own beingness as a being, with integrity and
    insouciance for all, on this planet!


    Billy Blowdown

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