The Scientology Money Project

Scientologists Hysterically Throw Money in the Air to Prove Money is Meaningless


Scientology Sea Org and public members do an exercise in which they hysterically throw money in the air and laugh. This is done to prove that money is meaningless and can be easily taken from public Scientologists or anyone else. This process is called Money Processing.

This exercise in unreality is supposed to make money a game and increase the ability of Scientologists to have money. In Scientology thinking, money can be postulated into existence.


When a Scientologist does not have money, the Church of Scientology recommends that Scientologists open up a “money flow” by donating money to Scientology. This is supposed to “unstick the stuck money flow.” This is really no different than the “seed faith tithe” scam used by Christian televangelists.


Despite its claim that money is meaningless, the Church of Scientology is solely focused upon money and is designed around the daily extraction of as much money as possible from every person and source connected to Scientology in some way. This is why L. Ron Hubbard wrote:

Make money, make more money, make others produce so as to make more money. — HCOPL 9 March 1972, MS OEC 384


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  1. “Open up a money flow”
    You know, when I was a young college student, sometimes I would watch late-night cable TV and that crazy televangelist Robert Tilton was often the only thing on besides infomercials. This concept pf opening up a money flow sounds exactly like his bullshit about making a “vow of faith” to get the things you want in life. How did one go about making such a vow? Why, by sending Rev Tilton and his church a thousand dollars! If you did not have a thousand dollars, you would sign up for a payment plan. I used to laugh at this and wonder just who would be stupid enough to fall for such a silly idea. Apparently, a lot of people. Tilton made, and continues to make, incredible amounts of money. So does scientology. Amazing.

  2. This ‘Money Drill’ was part of the LRH Comm’s Registration #1 Program to ensure the registrars make money and make more money. That’s Cal Cole who became the Captain AOLA till a year or so ago got replaced. His wife is Chris Cole whom I found to be very haughty and nasty when she was CO CMO WUS. Cal was a sweetheart. These were taken for compliance reports and given to the LRH Comm b4 2 on Thursday. ’85-93. Probably later because This was Michael Silverman’s Office earlier and she has gotten rid of all her ceramic jeweled dragons she used to have decorating her office. The boy to the left in the first picture is Peter and Lynn Verhoff’s son who was Nicole’s helper.

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