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Flag Service Organization (FSO) IRS 990-T’s for 2008-2014

Flag Service Organization (FSO) IRS 990-T’s updated to include tax years 2013 and 2014.

Located in Clearwater, Florida “Flag” as it is called,  is the top moneymaking Org in the Scientology transnational criminal syndicate.

FSO Book Value 2014 $241,134,104

FSO Book Value 2013 $218,154,319

FSO Book Value 2012 $209,655,686

FSO Book Value 2011 $210,075,914

FSO Book Value 2010 $251,896,300

FSO Book Value 2009 $246,516,017

FSO Book Value 2008 $234,764,273

Flag Price Lists from 2007 for both services and accommodations:



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  1. Amazing docs. Keep up the good wortk on this project. One quick question, Jeffrey. Do the sales included as income reported on Flag’s annual 990-T forms include income earned from the Ft Harrison Hotel room fee charges paid for scientologists to stay there while on services? I wondered because I saw the laundry and cleaning fees a deductions. The income seems so low if, in fact, they include Hotel room fees charged..

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