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Scientolgy Orgs Raided in Russia as Part of Criminal & Money Laundering Probe

While the American IRS refuses to actually enforce its own rules and revoke Scientology’s 501(c)(3) tax exemption for the Cult’s continuing violations of public policy, child labor, fraud, hoarding wealth while keeping Sea Org members in grinding poverty and servitude, false imprisonment, unconscionable contracts, and bad faith towards its own members, the Russians are very clear that Scientology is a dirty Mafia-style business. Footage from Russian raid of Scientology Orgs in Moscow and St. Petersburg of June 21, 2016:

From the UK Guardian:

Russia’s security service has raided over a dozen locations linked to the Church of Scientology in the latest step of a long-running battle between authorities and the US-based organisation.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) said officers “conducted simultaneous searches” at 14 addresses in Moscow and St Petersburg as part of an apparent investigation into alleged illegal business dealings by the Church of Scientology in Russia’s second city.

“Objects and documents were found and seized that proved the version of the investigators about the marketing functions for goods and services of the Church of Scientology of Saint Petersburg in violation of the law,” a statement carried by Russian news agencies said.

From the RT Times:

Raids on Tuesday were carried out as part of the ongoing investigation into the organization’s alleged money laundering activities, and in particular into one member of the community, who is being probed over allegations of real estate fraud, that amounted to 130 million rubles ($2 million), according to RIA sources.

In April, authorities detained Ekaterina Zaborskikh for allegedly stealing large sums from apartment buyers in St. Petersburg. Investigators believe that between 2012 and 2014 Zaborskikh through a construction company promised to build “affordable castles,” which were never delivered. Instead, the money was redirected through the Church of Scientology as donations. Detectives believe that some of the stolen funds were transferred to the organization’s account in Moscow.

During the raids the security services seized “objects and documents” confirming that the church’s agents in St. Petersburg offered goods and services in violation of Russian law, the FSB said in a press release. The property seized in the raids includes financial documents, hard drives and notebooks of organization members, a source in the security service told RIA.

Below are two images from the last three weeks to compare and contrast: The Russian police raiding a Scientology Org while David Miscavige speaks at the opening of Scientology Media Productions. Is this  juxtaposition of law enforcement in action against Scientology and phony Scientology PR images is the harbinger of things to come? It certainly appears that way in terms of Narconon, Scientology in Russia, and Scientology in Europe. When the American authorities decide to enforce existing laws, it will be the case here in the States.



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  1. I have to admit that there were more people in the building than expected. What will happen next? Even more Russians will join the Sea Org and show up in the USA. And this will hopefully be the last wave. End of session 😀

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