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Is Freedom Mag Editor John Sugg a Scientologist?


John Sugg, Editor Freedom Magazine

In my previous post — John Sugg and the Internal Structural Collapse of the Church of Scientology  — I characterized John Sugg as a non-Scientologist.

Several readers e-mailed me to say that John Sugg is listed as having completed the Scientology Student Hat course. This leads me to ask if John Sugg is a Scientologist for a few key reasons.

If John Sugg is a Scientologist then he is completely incapable of unbiased journalism as it pertains to David Miscavige, OSA, Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, Ron Miscavige,  L. Ron Hubbard, Alex Gibney and all other persons who are members of the Church, critics of the Church, or former members. If Sugg is a Scientologist, he can only be a propagandist who is paid to write what David Miscavige and the Office of Special Affairs order him to write.

If John Sugg is a Scientologist, he also completely incapable of unbiased journalism as it pertains to the Church of Scientology,  Psychiatry, pharmaceutical manufacturers, the American Psychiatric Association, the Tampa Bay Times, HBO, CNN, WISE, ABLE, Narconon and all other organizations and institutions that are owned and/or licensed by RTC/CSI or deemed enemies of the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige.

John Sugg completed the Scientology Student Hat in August 1, 2014:


John Sugg must publicly disclose if he is or is not a Scientologist. This is necessary in order for people to know how to read his work: Is he a Scientologist paid to be a propagandist and an attack dog for David Miscavige and OSA? Or he is a non-Scientology employee of the Church of Scientology who is expected to adhere to the inherently biased editorial policies of Freedom Magazine? In either case, Sugg’s work has an insurmountable Scientology bias and his work must therefore be read accordingly.

The premise of Scientology’s Student Hat course is that a person has barriers to study and does not know how to study. That Sugg did the Student Hat course constitutes Sugg’s implied agreement that he had barriers to study, did not know how to study, and therefore needed to the Study Hat.

Scientology’s webpage on the Student Hat course serves to highlight the deficiencies in study from which Sugg felt he suffered and therefore sought to remedy by taking the Study Hat:

It is worth noting that the Study Hat is an introductory Scientology course that serves as  prerequisite to a further study of Scientology materials. Completing the Student Hat course suggests that Sugg plans to move up the Scientology Bridge to Clear and the OT levels.

The key question is this: Upon his having completed the Student Hat course, John Sugg would have been sent to a Scientology examiner to attest that he completed and understood the course. He would have then had to write a Scientology success story describing the wins he had on the Student Hat course.

Mr. Sugg: Can you please publish your success story or shares the wins you had on the Student Hat course? Did you learn to use a dictionary to word clear? Did you learn to clay demo so that you have mass and significance on articles you plan to write? Did you learn to never go past a word you do not understand? Please do share with us.

The examiner would have then put John Sugg on the e-meter to ask him a series of questions. The essential question Sugg would have been asked is this:

“Would you want others to have similar gains to yours?”

Sugg would have had to answer “yes” and had a floating needle on the question.

How about it Mr. Sugg?

Are you a Scientologist?

Did you F/N on the examiner’s question?  If so, then we may safely assume that you want others to have similar gains to those you have had as a Scientologist. We may also safely assume that you are now an IAS member.

On a final matter, when you completed the Student Hat course you were given a framed certificate of completion; did you proudly hang this in your office at Freedom Magazine or is it still tucked away in a closet?

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