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WARNING! Possible OSA Phishing Attempt!

Scientology High Strangeness Alert!

4/28/2016 @ 7:58 PM PST

On the eve of ABC 20/20’s broadcast about Ron Miscavige Sr.’s book Ruthless, OSA, or its agents, appear to be engaged in a phishing attempt. I just received this e-mail:
UPDATE: Dozens of people have reported receiving this e-mail in the past hour.


Please tweet, instagram, FB, etc. to warn others! Do not click the link.



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  1. Tara, a .php extension can be used to redirect you to a legitimate site while it embeds malware or spyware. I strongly recommend you scan for malware or spyware. If this were just an innocent link it would not have a .php extension.

  2. Note: This is not an innocent link. It is a .php phishing link. Forensics are established. IP is being tracerouted back and some other techniques are being used.

    I am not allowing comments alleging that it is an innocent link. It is not.

  3. Yes I got one and deleted it immediately. It is a phishing attempt the lionk is a php and not a html page so is an active page.

  4. This is great. Anyone getting this email should report it to law enforcement. If it is possible to connect it to OSA, then you are looking at criminal prosecution.

  5. Jeff,

    I’ll be interested in what you come up with.

    Again I’ll state, you should NEVER use Windows on the Internet. It isn’t safe.

    Anyone using Mac OSX, IOS, or Linux is safe.

  6. Jeff is incorrect on this. PHP is a standard language used by many websites, and many pages you will see across the web end in PHP just as many end in HTML which can be used the same way.

    Of course malware of that type is only an issue if you use Microsoft Windows.

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