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(NOTE: This is a partial reprint from Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker: FELONY RAPS FOR SCIENTOLOGISTS RUNNING L.A. REHAB SCAM WITH CORRUPT EDUCATORS

State agency investigating Medi-Cal fraud raided drug rehab center in March 2014


Three Compton educators — including coach of legendary football program — fired for supplying students for fake claims


Notorious Scientology front World Literacy Crusade involved, director Hanan Islam charged
By Tony Ortega

The Underground Bunker has learned that a California state agency has been investigating and methodically charging numerous Scientologists and others who were allegedly involved in a scam to defraud Medi-Cal with bogus claims at a drug rehab center in the working class Los Angeles suburb of Compton.

On October 23 charges were filed against Hanan Islam, 56, who in 2004 founded “American Health and Education Clinics,” an entity that was actually run out of the World Literacy Crusade, a well known Scientology front where she was executive director. She has pleaded not guilty to four felony counts, which include grand theft larceny, insurance fraud, Medi-Cal fraud, and failure to file a tax return.

We sent an email to Ms. Islam and left a message for her at World Literacy Crusade, but have not received a reply.

Three of Ms. Islam’s ten children were also charged with felonies. Zakiyyah Islam, 36, pleaded not guilty to charges of grand theft larceny, insurance fraud, and Medi-Cal fraud. Nimat Islam, 39, and Ronnie “Rizza” Islam, 25, pleaded not guilty to insurance fraud and Medi-Cal fraud.

All three were identified as counselors at the rehab clinic in online listings. Other clinic counselors charged recently in the scam include Bayon Beverly Washington, 42, and George Edward Newby III, 43, who each pleaded not guilty to insurance fraud and Medi-Cal fraud…

Comment from the Scientology Money Project

Another Scientology-related scam — and one that involves felony charges. One wonders how far down the Scientology rabbit hole this story will go. Stay tuned.

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