The Gary Soter Data Collection Project


A public message to all channels: Former Scientologists, Anons, critics, journalists, media, lawyers, etc.

Gary Soter is a Los Angeles attorney who represents the Church of Scientology.

The Gary Soter Data Collection Project is an effort to compile specific data on Soter. What we are asking for are letters Mr. Soter has sent on behalf of his client the Church of Scientology:

  1. Letters threatening legal action unless certain terms are complied with
  2. Letters refusing repayments or refund of donations
  3. Letters making allegations that are false and defamatory
  4. Letters seeking information on others
  5. Legal documents filed by Soter of behalf of the Church of Scientology

These letters are for a confidential project the details and goals of which cannot be discussed at present. We are very interested in collecting all possible data about Gary Soter.

Please send all Gary Soter letters to Jeffrey Augustine at

These letters will be compiled and forwarded to the appropriate terminals.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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