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The Nine Key Principles of Scientology

time-coverScientology is a standalone and transportable system of policy and operations that can be set up anywhere. At is core, Scientology s a dishonest franchise system, a transnational business scam hiding behind its religious facade.

Scientology operates in what it calls sectors: * Scientology operates as a series of legally separate churches in an “ecclesiastical hierarchy”
* Scientology operates drug treatment centers
* Scientology operates bogus human rights groups, literacy campaigns, and other “social betterment groups.
* Scientology operates a series of franchised business consulting companies
* Scientology can be a (fill in the blank)

The Nine Key Principles of Scientology:

1. Once Scientology policy and operations are learned, any Scientologist can work in any Scientology sector or Scientology corporation anywhere. The Org Board, for example, is used in all Scientology sectors.

2. All Scientology corporations must be legally separate from all other Scientology corporations. This is to minimize legal risk. If one legally separate Scientology corporation is sued and bankrupted, no other Scientology corporation will be affected.

3. All legally separate Scientology corporations use a series of unconscionable and bad faith contracts that strip clients of all of their legal rights in favor of the Scientology corporations.

4. Scientology plays for keeps when it comes to money. Scientology will say, do, or promise virtually anything to separate people from their money. For this reason, refunds are anathema to the Scientology scam.

5. The Sea Org is the invisible hand that manages and operates all Scientology sectors and corporations. The Sea Org provides a unity of command across all sectors and all legally separate Scientology corporations.

6. Scientology must consistently lie about point 5 above by arguing that the Sea Org does not legally exist and has no corporate form, no address, and can have no members.

7. The ever-present threat of Church punishments, sec checks, comm evs, RPF, SP declares, disconnection, and fair game serves to keep all Scientologists — Sea Org or public — in all sectors obedient to the Church. Fear of punishment and loss pervades the minds and hearts of all Scientologists. Scientology plays for keeps and considers anyone who departs and speaks out to be a traitor upon whom severe revenge must be inflicted. The same applies to non-Scientologists who speak out against Scientology.

8. All of Scientology is based upon the writings and policies of L. Ron Hubbard. To use this so-called technology requires that licensing fees be paid weekly to uplines. Thus, all legally separate Scientology corporations must send the bulk of their earnings uplines each week into the corporate account of whatever sector to which they belong. In turn, these sectors must send the bulk of their earnings uplines in the form of licensing fees the Church of Scientology Int’l. CSI In turn sends money to RTC and RTC to CST.

9. All legally separate Scientology corporations in all sectors consistently use deceptive and misleading advertising to lie about the results they promise. The contracts, however, tell the truth: Scientology promises nothing. See: Why no one should ever believe anything said by Scientology Sea Org or staff members:

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  1. Clamatology businesses operate in a very dubious legal area. Anyone reading any contract from an ABLE or WISE company will immediately see that they were promised nothing and gave away any legal recourse to ‘arbitration’.

    The clams depend on glad handing and schmoozing to ally the customers fears. Prudent businesses don’t do business with WISE or ABLE companies.

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