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Jett Travolta Foundation 2013 Form 990

Jett Travolta, 1992-2009.

Jett Travolta, 1992-2009. Requiescat in Pace.

It is a terrible thing to lose a child.

John and Kelly created a foundation to quietly honor the memory of their late son Jett Travolta. IMHO, this should not be sensationalized for the sake of Jett.  Therefore, posted in the public interest to show the facts: The Jett Travolta Foundation 2013 Form 990.

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  1. Jeffrey – Didn’t see “Schedule O”, which seemed to be the place one would find where the money was spent. Do we know where $170k wound up?

  2. Not sure why they’re bothering to do all this. A quick (3 minute) glance through the paperwork suggests this entity is mostly dead. They haven’t had much in the way of donations in the last couple years, and one hasn’t heard much about fund raising ever from the group. Given the lack of donations received, it doesn’t seem like this is a significant effort to funnel money to the cult from donors who respond to the Travolta name, though that is happening in terms of the 2013 gifts of half the foundation’s assets.

    One possible explanation of the 2013 Form 990 is that they may have hoped the foundation would be larger by now and are basically giving up and liquidating it in 2013-2014 and moving on. Any thoughts on this?

    As WhoStoleMyCog pointed out, the exact list of donations made by the foundation would be extremely interesting, to nail down what percentage of the contributions it made actually went to cult entities and how much were “window dressing” that went to legit charities.

  3. such a horror for them….but I find it interesting that part of the plans were to use the foundation to provide “grief counseling” for children…I wonder what that was about?

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