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  1. “Immaculate condition of the motor home.” Yes, a day after he died they saw it. This article was interesting, thank you.

  2. My ex-wife and I argued about the death certificate a long time ago. This was one topic of many. She said the Ethics Officer had mentioned that there would be 5 different forgeries of Hubbard’s death certificate on the internet.
    I replied that she should get the one from the church and we would both fly to the USA and compare it with a certified copy. She did not dare to question the cult and called me a liar while denying any dishonest “inform yourself honestly”. I understood that this was the inquisition rather than the search for truth. Certainly, she feared the cult. Disproving it was dangerous. Denying an honest investigation was also a kind of self-defence against being wrong.

    In fact, I discovered that I had lost her weeks ago when she was presented parts of my auditing case folder. She was also told many lies that were not even in the folder. And I asked her if she would want an organisation that was disclosing HER folders? Still no reply! Disclosing such information should be a lose-lose situation. But it somehow seems to work for brainwashed people that apply installed short circuits of “thought stopping” properly.

    Even today she would not inform herself honestly. Her family was not worth any investigation. The words of an Ethics Officer were stronger than her perception and her love for her children and family. Can you imagine? Only liquid nitrogen is colder. She did not even know the Ethics Officer for more than a few weeks.
    Now, there is no family, no house and no wealth left on her side. It is such a heartwrenching story for us all. I still cannot get over it. These days she cannot even afford the new Emeter and do her courses. This was all she was trying to achieve. But not even this is left. This was a third party war without any winners.

    Counter intentions and SPs removed :'(

  3. Bfm, Heartbreaking. I’m hoping for you the more you continue to ‘still cannot get over it’, the more you will understand and it won’t hurt so much.
    I found it hard to understand thought stopping. When I saw yes, that is what I’d been doing – I realized I was becoming (or had become) my own enemy #1 and all as a result of the ‘tech’ and those that so robotically enforce it or what they think it is. By the thought stopping I was invalidating my own knowingness. The worse that got and the fallout (self PTSness?) the more I blamed myself for the messes. What a trap. I do not think this is correctable with just a few months on some nice tropical island.

    I’m now at the part of going through (in my mind) the false truths and re-adjusting my personal eval of my life. I find that only in this way I get the spiritual freedom back I once had and then of course the last 40 years is simply an adventurous learning experience and worth every moment – even the pains of disconnection.
    Mainly – due to our messed-up evaluation of life and the invalidation and others evaluation I/we made wrong decisions. I hope your ex-wife will have some time between hill 10s, all-hands and saving the planet from blowing up to think for herself a few moments and come home to her family.

  4. In case anyone is interested, you can get views of LRHs ranch by a search for 4500 Coyote Creek Rd. street & satellite view. ‘Walk’ to the entrance off O Donovan Road you will see still the ‘Emmanuel Heights’ sign. When you see the horse track notice the 2 linked circles with diamonds in each center like I saw at one of secret sites where tech is stashed. Last update is 2012. Nice lake. Property looks as though it’s being taken care of but no horses.

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