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Church of Scientology “Kidnap” Contract

The Church of Scientology contract below is the real thing.

This contract allows the Church of Scientology to remove any of its parishioners from psychiatric confinement and lock then up in a Church of Scientology facility for an indefinite basis.

This contract was what killed Lisa McPherson. After she had a mental breakdown the Church removed from the emergency roon and locked her up in the Fort Harrison. Badly in need of real medical care, Lisa McPherson was deprived any medical help and died 17 days later in confinement at the Fort Harrison.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    IIRC, it was not until AFTER Lisa McPherson’s death that Scientologists were made to sign a “Lisa clause” contract, otherwise known as the “Agreement and General Release regarding Spiritual Assistance.”

    In around 1999 or 2000, when I was trying to get onto the “OT Levels” at the Scientology “Advanced Organization Los Angeles” and paying lots of ELNK stock in direct exchange for “OT Preparations” Scientology “False Purpose Rundown” “security checking”, I was forced to sign one of these agreements. I was told explicitly that I would not be allowed to do the “OT Levels” unless I had signed this “Agreement and General Release regarding Spiritual Assistance.” I was not given a copy for my own records.

    At that point in my scientology experiences, I had heard of people going “Type III” and knew about the “Introspection Rundown”. I didn’t know about how it was done. I didn’t know about “Baby Watches” and giving people drugs like Chloral Hydrate.

    I was not told that Lisa McPherson had died after being convinced she would undergo electric shock therapy if she stayed in the “Psych Ward” at the hospital after her accident, leaving that safe haven she had deliberately sought with the scientologists only to be held against her will by scientologists rendering her “Spiritual Assistance” or 17 days until she died horribly in their care.

    I now know that Scientologists at the management level of scientology, specifically folks like David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, KNEW how Lisa McPherson died because of their “Spiritual Assistance.” And that the “Agreement and General Release regarding Spiritual Assistance” Steven Kemper made me sign at AOLA was thus a FRAUD because they failed to fully inform me of the circumstances and manner of Lisa McPherson’s death, which this agreement was designed to protect SCIENTOLOGY if they decided to kill me the same way.

  2. Yes exactly Jeff – The Church of Scientology Kidnaps and thinks it owns it’s staff and members for the Greater Good. It, like a domineering, jealous, spouse, victimizes with threat of no ‘love’, no ‘support’, cut off from loved ones. Lisa would have thought she was signing this so she could have better care. CRIMINALS.

  3. The evening before Thanksgiving Nov 2010 my husband blew his head off in my presence. I was devastated and after 16 days of not eating, not sleeping, making calls, arrangements and getting his photos and military records all in date order plastic covered binders for the funeral/memorial, I crashed. His family sent me to the hospital involuntarily (it was a couple hour trip for Doctor exam I agreed to). The hospital kept me 72 hours and sent me to a Mental Hospital. They kept me 72 hours. While I was in the hospital my husbands family emptied my home and put everything I own in storage including my purse, phone, keys etc. The church after near 20 years of SO service and even my x-husband of 24 years (who was now married to the head of the WUS Volunteer Ministers had not answered my pleas for help.
    I would have been grateful I’d always thought.
    Until I read this! OMG thank you for publishing this.

  4. So Sad Cece, my heart breaks for you. + May you only know good health and happiness from now on.
    Sadly, there is no “affinity” anywhere in this cult.

  5. As noted above, this contract was a result of Lisa McPherson, not the cause of her situation. The cause was the pre-existing hubris that Scientologists always know best, even if it is the Qual Librarian watching a psychotic. The contact was to cover the CofS butt if it happened again.

    Once upon a time over 10 years ago I was censored on Beliefnet for saying this amounted to CofS “ok to kidnap and kill” contract. In other words, instead of taking steps to ensure that no more people died under their care, they sought only to ensure when they did kill others that they would not held contractually liable.

    In fact, instead of immediately taking measures to ensure no one else died, Miscavige wrote a letter offering to take such safety measures only if charges against CofS were dropped.

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