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Narconon 990’s

Tony Ortega just posted this breaking story:

Scientology’s drug rehab network sued for conspiring to misuse counseling credentials

990’s posted solely for purposes of public information.

Narconon Fresh Start, Glendale, CA. 990-2012. Gross receipts $17,612,933

Narconon Arrowhead, Oklahoma. 990-2012.Gross receipts $12,602,608

Narconon Vista Bay, Watsonville, CA 990-2012. Gross receipts $12,423,550

Narconon International, Los Angeles, CA. 990-2012. Gross Receipts $8,483,722

Narconon. Norcross, Georgia. 990-2012. Gross Receipts $3,505,879

Narconon Louisiana, 990-2012. Gross receipts $3,984,580

Narconon Spring Hill. Clearwater, Florida. 990 — 2012. Gross Receipts $1,971,567

Narconon Western US. 990-2012. Gross Receipts $905,432

Friends of Narconon, Pasadena, CA. 990-EZ-2012. Gross receipts: $103,948

Gross receipts $3,767,910


The legal filing: NAFC vs. Narconon et. al.

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  1. I want to see David Miscavige deposed. Over and over… The end of the NarCONon cash-cow. The end of Miscaviges death rehab.

  2. Non-profit…What a joke. People pay anywhere from $23,000 to $35,000 for this program. I hope you can locate the 990’s for WISE. That would be very telling

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