The Scientology Money Project

Church of Scientology: Disconnecting from 990-T’s!

The Scientology Money Project has already gained serious attention from government agencies, journalists, cable news networks, major networks, Pulitzer prize winners, and even an Emmy winner.

The Scientology Money Project has also gained the attention of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs.

Using inferential methodology, I can tell you of recent behind-the-scenes developments in which Church operatives are seeking to accomplish at least five goals:

1. To discover how I obtained the 990-T’s. The answer is simple: IRS Form 4506-A. Click the link to the IRS website or scroll down to get a copy on my Scribd account. The 990-T’s are easy to obtain.

2. To persuade me to take down the 990-T’s from this blog and place them elsewhere, a so-called “neutral website.” I answered this in my last post when I said “no.” My plan is to add all publicly available 990’s and 990-T’s to this blog as I obtain them. IMO, the real goal of OSA is to get the 990-T’s off the internet. This will never happen. The horses are out of the barn.

3. To discover how much I know about the money and legal labyrinth of the Church. The answer is this: What I know comes directly from publicly available documents. The labyrinth is being unraveled and its core elements exposed.  Everything will be made known in due time.

4. To persuade me that a US Congressman is willing to help me further my goals if I will only tell an intermediary everything I know. I checked into this and am not handing anything to any intermediary. No thanks. I can contact members of Congress myself. If you are a Scientology critic or former member, you must always be extremely wary of friendly strangers who suddenly appear and offer to help. There is >90% probability they are OSA-connected. They are Trojan Horses.

5. I can reasonably infer that Church members have already begun to ask OSA about the 990-T’s. OSA is apparently ordering Church members to disconnect from those people who gave them the 990-T’s. This is not surprising as the Church’s toxic policy of Disconnection includes disconnecting from inconvenient people, facts, and knowledge.

The Church wants its members to remain ignorant and uniformed of their rights and power. Case in point:  Scientology non-profit entities that do not have religious status, e.g,. the social betterment groups, have a legal obligation to make their 990’s widely available to their membership and to the public. With the exception of CCHR, it appears that there is wide noncompliance. To its credit, and in compliance with IRS Code and US Treasury regulations, CCHR posts its financial data and 990’s online:

501(c)3’s with religious exemptions do not have to file 990’s. However, they must file 990-T’s. Scientology religious entities have filed 990-T’s but nevertheless appear to be in noncompliance on making 990-T’s widely available to their membership and the public. Why the noncompliance Church of Scientology entities?


Here is the applicable IRS policy:


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  1. Hell to the yeah my brutha! You cannot really blame them, as agents of darkness they shudder and scurry from the disinfecting light! Dear OSA agent: Get some sunscreen, the light is coming whether you like it or not. Get out now and tell what you know to the authorities. Maybe you can get a deal, hmm? Do you think when the chips are down the “Church” will have your back? You are a slave and will be thrown to the wolves without a second thought.

  2. We in the GO, err, RTC had the Snow White felons stipulate to the evidence and go to prison. It was for the greatest good.

    Any of our people who get sent to the big house will be given free copies of The Way to Happiness to hand out to other inmates. Moreover, we have the exact Tech needed to audit anyone on a jailhouse rape or gang violence once they are paroled.

  3. With all of that money saved up and not doing anything except paying for defense attorneys and private eyes it would seem to be a desirable target for a number of attorneys wishing to sue the cult for fraud and other civil atrocities. Then there is the IRS which could and should bring Scientology to task for their fraud. There is plenty of money for all of them. Come and get it.

  4. Sorry to break this to you OTVIII but by the time you are paroled there will be no one but evil squirrels and satanic indies left to admin this wonderful tech or what is left of it. You may have to see an actual licensed medical doctor and/or psych, I know, to help you physically and mentally heal the living nightmare that was your stay in federal prison.

    You may be tempted to feel a fool once you come out of prison and learn that Miscaviage disappeared with all $cientology’s billions while you and your lowly Sea Org comrages had to do hard time for carrying out the crimes he originated. Just keep telling yourself that it’s only a MEST body in one insignificant lifetime among many and I’m sure you’ll sleep as sound as a babe.

    PS – I would advise against handing out anything, including WTH booklets to your fellow inmates. I heard they are very adept and creative when it comes to shoving foreign objects up into sensitive orifices.

  5. “If you are a Scientology critic or former member, you must always be extremely wary of friendly strangers who suddenly appear and offer to help. There is >90% probability they are OSA-connected. They are Trojan Horses.”

    Be extremely wary of friendly ‘friends’ also. Yes, the friends that are now strangers suddenly appearing to help. When my late husband suddenly factually shot himself in our living room ~ do you think the church sent help? Not a chance even thou my first calls were to my church of 35 years for help. I ended up getting sent to a mental hospital and my entire belongings (including keys, checkbooks, cards etc.) put in a storage I had no key for.

    When I got fed up with the church and started to speak out the church twice sent my daughter to ‘offer to help’. She would have a meeting at the church then come over and try to show me her OEC Vol with bookmarks. All I could do at the time was laugh at the insanity of it all and promise myself to someday understand it.

    The church indoctrinates false data into it’s members. Now the 990-Ts are taboo? Well isn’t this going to look odd to all the finance savvy members! Hahaha OSA does it again. Get ready here comes another load of departees 🙂

    Who in the world goes around attacking any one who disagrees with them? What world do they live in? The world they have made for themselves. It is made of lies all getting documented day by day. No one in their right mind would choose to support it once the truth is seen. It’s no wonder why so much of the tech has fallen out of use – The Data Series, Why Finding, Disagreement Handling, The KTL & LOC. This tech works to restore some amount of logic and critical thinking.

    Well thanks again for making it such an interesting adventure.

  6. 2. To persuade me to take down the 990-T’s from this blog and place them elsewhere, a so-called “neutral website.”

    As you’ve made very clear, this is publicly available information. They are free to post the same documents on a “neutral website” if they choose. Good on you for refusing to remove them, because why the hell would you? But I hope they do put them on a “neutral website” for themselves. Do it. Not one of these documents can be viewed in a favorable light when you consider cash on hand vs. the extremity of the fundraising efforts they put on. Please, go ahead and post these dox on a public, “neutral” website and encourage members of your organization to visit and share their thoughts. It will be great.

  7. Jimbo, imo, the reason the Church would want these 990-T’s to go away is because the data cuts across reg cycles — and it is a high crime in Scientology to cut across a reg cycle. And yet most reg cycles are steeped in lies:

    * Too many reg cycles begin with a bogus claim of a Hill 10 and that money is needed right now today.

    * Too many reg cycles begin with false claims of some emergency that threatens to destroy Scientology today unless you donate now now now.

    * Too many reg cycles are just the Dangerous Environment Racket and make wrong being used to extract money from hapless Scientologists who have no power or say so in the matter. Hell, some people have to donate money to the IAS just to get eligibility for their next level. That is extortionate on so many levels.

    Knowing that the Church has at least $1.5 billion in book value could tend to kill “power sales closes” used by the “Big League Sales” trained salespeople in the Church, i.e. regges.

    COB and his salespeople want to close, they want your money, they want you to sign on the line which is dotted. If you can’t close you aren’t sh…, well, let me use the famous scene from Glengarry Glenross to finish my train of thought here:

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