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Scientology as a High Speed Wealth Extraction Machine

The Church of Scientology is wealthy because it knows how to separate people from their money with great speed — and this by using every trick in the book. David Sonenfild was an extremely successful Church of Scientology “Reg” for many years. A “Reg” is a highly trained high-pressure Scientology salesperson who will use every form of flattery, apparent concern, tricks, connivance, dissimulation, threats, promises, or whatever else is needed to part a person from their money as quickly as possible.

David did a “hat write up” of the techniques he used — scroll down to the bottom of this post for a PDF copy. This manual is called a “hat write up” because people’s jobs in Scientology are called “hats.” This comes from Hubbard saying that police officers, fire fighters, and military personnel all wear different types of hats to designate their jobs. Hubbard never said “do your job!” In typical Scientology cult speak he said “wear your hat!”

This “hat write up” is intended for use in training new regges in the techniques of selling Scientology where the focus is on urgency. Scientology has always used extreme urgency, emergency, and time pressure to create a sense that some horrible disaster is lurking just around the corner unless people donate money right now! Time pressure is the essence of any financial scam and Scientology is a master at using time pressure against its own members.

The Sonenfild Hat Write Up begins by using the term “Body Registrar.” This is a Scientology term of art for any Non-Scientologist, i.e. you are just a body to the Church of Scientology. Hence, the job of the “Body Registrar” is to get your body into a Scientology Org and then employ specific techniques to get your money “with no added unnecessary time.” The Church of Scientology, you see, doesn’t have time to waste given the fake urgency it has created and operates under on a 24/7/365 basis.

The Church of Scientology is nothing more than a nonstop wealth extraction machine erected entirely upon a sustained, hyperventilating, and completely false sense of emergency and crisis coupled to the hope of someday attaining unspeakably glorious and exalted spiritual states of being.

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  1. So if you stop to think about your family’s financial well-being before forking over your life’s savings that’s your “reactive mind” kicking in? No, that is your analytical mind warning you that you’re about to do something majorly stupid you moron. Scientology’s biggest enemy is common sense so it makes sense for them to literally demonize it.

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