L. Ron Hubbard

SPTV Video — Scientology: Lying in the Rain with a Rat Below Your Crotch & Other Weird Things L. Ron Hubbard said

L. Ron Hubbard wrote and said thousands of strange and weird things and made them all part of official Scientology doctrine.

Jeffrey Augustine discusses four of these weird things in the first episode of his new series “Weird Things L. Ron Hubbard Said.”

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  1. Isn’t interesting that “Dr. Hubbard” states that a “thetan” has no mass, no wavelength, no energy, and no position in space, except by ” postulate” ,
    yet this allegedly god-like, powerful “no-thing” can be controlled, without “its” knowledge, via one of its “MEST” bodies by…”implanters”…?
    Bodies in pawn, OT 3, the so-called “reactive mind”, the acronyms and loaded language : what a collage of alcohol-and-pill-fueled “mess-o-terica”!

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