violations of public policy

Criminality and the Church of Scientology

James Kirchick’s recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times asks, “In the world of religious tax exemptions, does Scientology measure up?”

Kirchick incisively cuts right to the bone:

Today, America’s recognition of Scientology as a religion stands as an anomaly in the Western world, the result not of impartial jurisprudence but of harassment. Four years ago, France’s highest court upheld a fraud conviction against the church, ruling that, “Far from being a violation of freedom of religion, as this American organization contends, this decision lifts the veil on the illegal and highly detrimental practices.”

Kirchick is quite correct in taking the matter of Scientology directly to the matter of criminality. Since it’s inception in 1954, the Church of Scientology has at all times operated as a criminal organization. A straightforward historical reading of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology’s machinations, plans, and designs will bear this out. Fair Game. The Guardian’s Office. Conspiracy. Domestic espionage. Tax evasion. Infiltration. Theft. Spying. Blackmail. Coercion. Money laundering. OSA. Phony front groups. Private investigators. Forced interrogations. Beatings. Agents provocateurs. Hacking computers. It’s all there. Scientology is a classic criminal organization.

The FBI raid of July 8, 1977 on Scientology was massive; over 150 agents participated. The raid was the direct result of L. Ron Hubbard’s Program Snow White. A demonstration of Scientology’s criminality writ large, Program Snow White brought Mary Sue Hubbard to ruination:


June 2017: The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) conduct a raid on Scientology’s Moscow Headquarters.

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has raided Scientology Orgs numerous times. From the Moscow Times of June 7, 2017:

The headquarters of the Church of Scientology in St. Petersburg has been raided by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) on June 6 according to the MediaZona news site. The security services accused the Church of extremism, inciting hatred, and operating an illegal business.


Hungarian Police during the raid of Scientology’s Budapest Headquarters.

On October 22,2017 — a scant three weeks ago — The Daily Mail reported on the massive raid of Scientology made by Hungarian police:

Hungarian police carried out a search at a Church of Scientology centre in Budapest amid a probe into suspected misuse of personal information and ‘other crimes’.

More than 50 officers surrounded the church’s Budapest headquarters on one of the Hungarian capital’s busiest roads early on Wednesday.

Detectives from the National Investigation Bureau have listed the target as ‘unknown persons’ – a common designation when a specific suspect has not been identified.

In terms of comparison, 156 FBI agents participated in the raid of Scientology’s Los Angeles complex, such was the sheer volume of documents Scientology had stolen from the US government. For Hungary to send in more than 50 police officers to raid Scientology offices there indicates the seriousness and scope of the criminal investigation.

Cover Ups of Rapes and Child Sexual Abuse

The criminality of Scientology extends to the cover ups of rape and child sexual abuse. At this writing, Scientologist Danny Masterson is alleged to have committed four rapes that were covered up by the Church.

Danny Masterson and Netflix co-star Ashton Kutcher at the 2017 CMT Music Awards in June. Photo by Jason Davis/WireImage.

The Los Angeles Police Department & The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office

Scientology’s hideous reputation has tainted the Los Angeles Police Department as well as the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. People are asking why the case against Danny Masterson is not moving forward despite “overwhelming evidence” as reported by the Huffington Post. Netflix has even come in for criticism as it has not stopped production of its series The Ranch in which Masterson stars. As reported by the Los Angeles Times:

A woman who previously accused actor Danny Masterson of rape — an allegation he has denied — has gone on the record to criticize Netflix for continuing with his show “The Ranch” even as it has severed ties with Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K. after allegations of sexual misconduct.

“For me, what Netflix has done feels like a continuation of how the Church of Scientology made me feel when I reported my rape to them, as well as how Danny Masterson made me feel when I would beg him for an apology, an explanation, anything,” Chrissie Carnell Bixler told the Daily Beast. “I was made to feel unimportant. I was made to feel like I didn’t matter.”

Leah Remini’s Emmy award winning A&E show Scientology and the Aftermath has given courage to many of Scientology’s victims who were in the shadows. Terrified of incurring Scientology’s vengeance for speaking out, these people are no longer afraid. Even as the mask is being ripped off the sexual abuse and culture of cover-ups in Hollywood and Washington D.C., the same is happening to Scientology. The predators are being named and called out.

Revoke Scientology’s Tax Exemption Now

The Church of Scientology is able to ply its evil trade only because its ill-gotten 1993 IRS tax exemption. According to Doug Frantz’s seminal 1997 article in the New York Times
Scientology’s Puzzling Journey From Tax Rebel to Tax Exempt it appears that then IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg unfairly rigged the examination in favor of Scientology. As Frantz noted in his article:

Scientology entities were required to submit new applications for exemption, which were to be evaluated by the agency’s exempt organizations division. But something unusual occurred there, too.

Mr. Schoenfeld, the negotiations chairman, ordered the two tax analysts assigned to the review not to consider any substantive matters, according to I.R.S. memorandums and records in the Tax Analysts case. Those issues, Mr. Schoenfeld informed them, had been resolved…

Both analysts, Donna Moore and Terrell M. Berkovsky, wrote memorandums specifying that they had been instructed not to address issues like whether the church was engaged in too much commercial activity or whether its activities provided undue private benefit to its leaders.

IRS tax analysts were forbidden from considering substantive matters. Why did Commissioner Goldberg give such an order? This seems to be a serious violation of IRS rules. Did Commissioner Goldberg violate the US Constitution he was sworn to uphold?

As the 9th Circuit Court noted in Sklar v. Commissioner, the IRS expressed an unconstitutional denominational preference for Scientology by granting it tax exemption:

The Supreme Court has developed a framework for determining whether a statute grants an unconstitutional denominational preference. Under that test, articulated in Larson v. Valente, 456 U.S. 228, 246-47, 102 S.Ct. 1673, 72 L.Ed.2d 33 (1982), the first inquiry is whether or not the law facially discriminates amongst religions. The second inquiry, should it be found that the law does so discriminate, is whether or not, applying strict scrutiny, that discrimination is justified by a compelling governmental interest. Applying this test to the policy of the IRS towards the Church of Scientology, the initial inquiry must be whether the policy facially discriminates amongst religions. Clearly it does, as this tax deduction is available only to members of the Church of Scientology…

Because the facial preference for the Church of Scientology embodied in the IRS’s policy regarding its members cannot be justified by a compelling governmental interest, we would, if required to decide the case on the ground urged by the Sklars, first determine that the IRS policy constitutes an unconstitutional denominational preference under Larson, 456 U.S. at 230, 102 S.Ct. 1673.

It is time for acting IRS Commissioner David Kautter and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin to jointly call for an investigation into Scientology’s tax exemption. Scientology engaged in fraud and misrepresented material facts to the IRS to gain its tax exemption. The 9th Circuit opined in Sklar that the IRS granting Scientology tax exemption constituted an unconstitutional denominational preference.

Since gaining tax exemption Scientology has continued to engage in violations of public policy, bad faith, lies, and psycho-terrorism all funded by tax exempt dollars. This is an outrage. The illegality doctrine clearly applies in the case of the Church of Scientology:

Anonymous Scientologist Threatens Mike Rinder With Grave Bodily Harm

As Mike Rinder reported on his blog today, an anonymous Scientologist has threatened to inflict grave bodily injury upon him; this in addition to surveilling Mike 24/7.

When the social veneer and fake PR is stripped away, this is how the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige actually behave:

You’re an SP. Why? You are actively trying to STOP the expansion of Scientology. You claim to have a beef with COB, yet your actions seek to cut public affinity lines with Scientology in general. Get that? CUT AFFINITY LINES WITH SCIENTOLOGY IN GENERAL. What would LRH think? Rather, what DOES LRH think? Would he side with you if he was here? Reinstate you? No, Rinder. He’d cut your fuckin balls off and hang them from a tree. Something I would LOVE to do. And I mean, actually do. Unfortunately, its illegal in this country. Shut the fuck up Rinder. Shut up you fucking SP. Just shut your fucking mouth. You are being watched, 24-7. TWENTY FOUR SEVEN RINDER. TWENTY FOUR SEVEN.


Mike Rinder’s comment:

It would seem apparent that this person is aligned with COB.

And that he (or she) is a scientologist.

And that they are anonymous.

And are making direct threats of physical harm.

So, I guess that by scientology standards, David Miscavige and his “church” are anonymous terrorists, threatening grave bodily injury and 24/7 stalking.

Except the connection to Miscavige and scientology is far more direct than the specious conclusions about Jeff Hawkins and Anderson Cooper. And I have witnessed Miscavige threatening to commit grave bodily injury and physically assaulting people, and he has certainly ordered people to be watched 24/7 many, many times.

Miscavige’s victim of terrorism card looks pretty tattered.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

PS: This has been reported to the appropriate agencies


A few items we have noted here at the Scientology Money Project:

1. The Church of Scientology is a master race group with a call for genocide at its core.

2. The Church of Scientology can only exist if it has dishonest, violent, and unfair advantages. Said another way, the Church of Scientology is a group that engages in psycho-terrorism in an attempt to impose its fascist will upon others. The Church calls its psycho-terrorism Fair Game.

Examples of Church of Scientology psycho-terrorism include:

  • Disconnection
  • Sec checks used to interrogate Scientologists under the guise of religion
  • Knowledge Reports Scientologists use to report on each other
  • L. Ron Hubbard’s call for Scientologists to “strike an effective blow against the enemy”
  • L. Ron Hubbard’s view that Scientologists are above “wog law”
  • L. Ron Hubbard’s vicious Pink Legs policy
  • Imprisonment of Sea Org members in the RPF
  • Imprisonment of public members in the Introspection Rundown
  • The use of malicious and unconscionable contracts against Scientology’s own members
  • OSA’s use of confessional folder data against current and former members
  • OSA’s use of private investigators to engage in stalking, spying, intimidation against those who speak out against the Church of Scientology
  • OSA’s creation of malicious and defamatory hate websites that attempt to smear those who speak out against the Church of Scientology
  • OSA using its lawyers make threats against those who speak out against the Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology’s psycho-terrorism is funded by 501(c)(3) tax exempt dollars. For this reason alone the Church of Scientology must have its tax exemption revoked by the IRS. In any case, the Church lied to the IRS to gain tax exemption.


Up close and personal, some Scientology OT’s can be vulgar. Three examples

Tom Cruise in a Rolling Stone interview: “Some people, well, if they don’t like Scientology, well, then, fuck you.” He rises from the table. “Really.” He points an angry finger at the imaginary enemy. “Fuck you.” His face reddens. “Period.” (Passion of the Cruise by Neil Strauss. Rolling Stone, August 2004)

Danny Masterson in PaperMag interview on being a Scientologist: “I haven’t had a conversation like this about my philosophy — I don’t think ever. But I love doing it and have no problem doing it. I work, I have a family and I’m a spiritual being who likes to understand why things happen in the world and want to learn more so that I can have them not affect me adversely. So if that’s weird, then, well, you can go fuck yourself.”

Former Church of Scientology international spokesman Tommy Davis in a recorded interview with the Tampa Bay Times:


The Church of Scientology is encircled. The Church has no way to break out as it is being relentlessly exposed to the light by former members, critics, the media, and the internet.  To use an historical analogy:

  • David Miscavige is Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus at Stalingrad.
  • The Church of Scientology is the German 6th Army.
  • The Church of Scientology is encircled and has no way of breaking out.
  • The Church of Scientology long ago lost its ability to maneuver.
  • The Church of Scientology has been reduced to desperate measures.
  • The Church of Scientology is cannibalizing its own membership in order to survive
  • The total forces encircling the Church of Scientology are staggering and beyond what the Church of Scientology can imagine, assess, or predict.

No amount of psycho-terrorism or Fair Game undertaken by the Church will stop the inexorable collapse of the Church of Scientology in its present form.

The Church of Scientology is being broken upon the wheel of history.


How Scientology Inc. Legally Cripples Its Own Members: The Four Unconscionable Contracts


Using the deliberately misleading and deceptive term “Church of Scientology,” Scientology Inc. likes to blather on about “disseminating the tech” in order to tell people just how wonderful Scientology is.

However, the actual Scientology documents presented in this essay will prove that Scientology Inc. acts with malice aforethought to legally cripple anyone foolish enough to join this incredibly fascist and dangerous organization.

The internal tyranny Scientology Inc. uses against its own members is the story of a cult taking a sledgehammer to the legal rights of Scientologists at every step of their path up what is dishonestly called the Bridge to Total Freedom.

Scientology Inc.’s internal fascism begins with a legally crippling intake system that is employed against all of its members when they first join the organization. This process begins by having the Scientologist sign four specific legal waivers. Each of these documents inherently demonstrates bad faith and unclean hands. I say this because the blatant purpose of these “unconscionable contracts” is to completely strip Scientologists of their legal rights. The Church has all of the power and the individual has no power. Moreover, the terms are unconscionable, exploitative, and perhaps even criminal in nature inasmuch as they constitute a de facto corporate conspiracy to deliberately deprive Scientologists of their civil rights.

Below are links to PDF’s of the four contracts; jpegs are also provided to show excerpts from each contract:

1. Religious Services Enrollment Application, Agreement, and General Release  Summary: One gives up their rights to sue Scientology Inc. or to have a lawyer represent them in any dispute with Scientology Inc. One further surrenders their right to a refund of any donations they have made to Scientology Inc. One additionally surrender any rights to have their family, agents, conservators, or estate sue the Church on their behalf. Excerpt:


2. Agreement and General Assistance Regarding Spiritual Assistance. Summary: This is Scientology Inc.’s infamous Kidnap Contract that allows the Cult to kidnap any of its members and lock them up for an indefinite duration of time — and this without the kidnapped member having the benefit of any legal representation, legal hearing, medical evaluation, or medical intervention. All a Scientology Inc. “case supervisor” has to say is that a member has gone Type III. After this pronouncement, the member is bodily seized, locked up, and held against their will. This  happened to Lisa McPherson. Lisa became the victim of negligent homicide while being held captive in Scientology Inc.’s dangerous and quasi-felonious exercise in complete quackery known as the Introspection Rundown. Scientology Inc. might as well have locked her up in a James Arthur Ray sweat lodge and nailed the door shut. In the contract excerpt below, the Scientologist agrees to not sue the Church for any injuries or damage — and this release contemplates death — that might or could occur when one is being held as a religious prisoner in the Introspection Rundown. Excerpt:


3. Agreement Regarding Confidential Religious Files. Summary: In this particular contract, a Scientologist forever signs away all their rights to ever read, inspect, review, or own their preclear folders.  Although Scientologists pay the Church of Scientology hundreds of thousands dollars to go up the Bridge, no Scientologist may ever read, inspect, review, or own their preclear folders. The Church owns these folders forever, Moreover, when a member leaves the Church and speaks out, OSA culls the person’s preclears folders to look for dirt on that person in an attempt to shudder them into silence. This is so shabby and illegal and yet it happens. Excerpt: 


 4. Attestation of Religious Belief Regarding the Scientology Religious Film called Orientation. Summary: All new Church of Scientology members (raw meat) must sign this contract stating that they have seen the Orientation film. They must agree that they consider Scientology to be an actual religion. Excerpt:



Scientologist Anne Archer was very angry and indignant when she asked BBC journalist John Sweeney if he thought she looked brainwashed. I do not think Anne Archer is brainwashed. Rather, I think she is unaware of how legally handcuffed she is by Scientology Inc. Does Anne Archer understand that, on a legal basis, she is not now, nor has she ever been, a member of the Church of Scientology? The fact is that the “Church of Scientology” does not actually exist and never has. So what does that make Anne Archer? What is she fighting for?