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US Navy Brass Blames TR Crew in Damage Control Effort for Pretend Fighter Pilot Tom Cruise: Top Gun 2 Becomes a Farce

The Awesome USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)

San Diego did not stay classy.

Instead, US Navy brass allowed pretend Top Gun fighter pilot Tom Cruise to save face over the social media flap that was created when the actor was rude to crew members. US Navy brass resorted to standard operating procedure and blamed the crew for a problem Tom Cruise created. Bad form.

Read the screenshots of what TR crew members posted to social media.

It was all a big misunderstanding of orders claimed a very brief article that, incredibly, required two reporters to write. The need for two reporters obviously went to the fact that both are incompetent. The writers Andrew Johnson and Jamie Reis did nothing more than to write a mediocre public relations piece for Tom Cruise and the US Navy brass. It was very transparent: Tom Cruise is special and the TR crew was blamed for Cruise’s conduct. 

Here is what the Johnson/Ries piece asks readers to believe; this was allegedly said by an unnamed US Navy official:

“Some sailors may have misinterpreted guidance from the Navy that told sailors to not approach actors while filming and not use cell phones on the set,” the official said.”

Aside from the fact that no copy of the alleged order was produced, this quote is pure nonsense. How hard would such a simple order be to misinterpret? Here is the alleged order:

1. Do not approach actors while during filming. This is commonsense. Who walks into middle of a scene being filmed? How could this possibly be misinterpreted? Further, standard protocol is to station security people around a movie set during filming.

2. Do not use cell phones on the set. This is easy to understand.

US Navy sailors on any American aircraft carrier flight deck are some of the smartest people in the world doing some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It is insulting to suggest that personnel who can fly, launch, and retrieve F-18’s, F-35’s and other US Navy aircraft would misinterpret such a simple order.

Neither Johnson nor Ries contacted the Scientology Money Project for a comment on their article. Rather, the two incompetents merely dismissed our blog as “anti-Scientology.” This term is the tip off that Scientologist Tom Cruise and Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs were both at work behind the scenes. We say this because the Church of Scientology routinely denigrates anyone who says anything negative about Scientology as being “anti-Scientology.” By this logic, then, the crew of the TR that Cruise pissed off with his arrogant behavior are also anti-Scientology.

Given that the members of the TR crew who are critical of Tom Cruise are anti-Scientology, they are also — by Scientology’s own definition — Suppressive Persons or SP’s. Look at the situation: Tom Cruise is filming aboard a ship crewed by SP’s. In Scientology thinking it is a very bad thing for Tom Cruise to be connected to SP’s. Per L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings Tom Cruise will pull in an injury or an accident as a function of his being connected to SP’s.

The Church of Scientology never actually addresses the substance of the issue at hand and merely deflects and attacks its critics. People like Leah Remini whose Emmy-winning show Scientology and the Aftermath works to expose Scientology’s human rights abuses are attacked by Tom Cruise’s Church as “anti-Scientology,” “bigots,” and  “haters.”

Had cub reporters Johnson and Reis did a cursory check of this blog they would have found a wealth of documents from the IRS, the courts, the DoJ, the SEC, FINRA, FINCEN, and even the Church of Scientology itself. This blog has covered the raids law enforcement has made on Scientology in America as well as the raids made by the government of Russia. We have covered the Spina brothers, two Scientologists that have been criminally charged in an $80 million Medicare fraud. That Johnson and Ries choose to ignore what we actually do and dismissed us as “anti-Scientology” requires us to return the courtesy and dismiss them both as Scientology apologists and heavily biased journalists.

UPDATE: Dr. Jeff Wasel, former US Marine Corps Special Operator, raised an excellent point in the comments section: No names of US Navy officials were given in the Johnson/Ries article. Why? This causes us to ask if there is Scientology fraud at work. We specifically note a letter Scientology’s STAND League published online with the claim that the document was authored by Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray of USC. Upon investigation, USC and Dr. Murray issued a statement in which Dr. Murray categorically denied authoring the letter.

This was an outright Scientology fraud. See Tony Ortega’s article: USC: SCIENTOLOGY FAKED LETTER FROM PROFESSOR TO DISNEY, PROBE OPENED. If there is a fraud, or some sort of unauthorized comments going on in the USS Theodore Roosevelt story then the US Navy needs to open a probe into the matter as USC did with the forged Dr. Murray letter. Contact for the Scientology Money Project is Jeffrey Augustine at scienowriter@gmail.com

This blog is not anti-Scientology inasmuch as we have no objections to the beliefs of Scientologists. Rather, we are opposed to the criminality and human rights abuses of the Church of Scientology as an organization. We argue that the IRS must strip the Church of its ill-gotten tax exemption.

Tom Cruise belongs to a Church that pays no taxes even as it uses child labor; pays Sea Org members .50 cents per hour or less; covers up for alleged serial rapist Danny Masterson; breaks up families; bankrupts its own members — and the list of Scientology’s vicious and illegal conduct goes on and on.

The Church of Scientology pays no taxes and yet Tom Cruise is using an aircraft carrier that US taxpayers paid for. He is doing this to make a fortune. Part of what Cruise makes on Top Gun 2 will be donated the Church of Scientology and will allow Scientology to finance its Fair Game campaigns, lawyers, and private investigators. Tom Cruise is pissing down the US Navy’s leg and telling them it’s raining. If the US Navy brass can’t see what a user Tom Cruise is then that is their problem. 

Two more things: Tom Cruise’s guru L. Ron Hubbard engaged in Stolen Valor by claiming two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star – and yet Hubbard never served one day in combat.

Second, Tom Cruise claimed in 2013 that his job was as hard as fighting in Afghanistan. Despite the Stolen Valor of L. Ron Hubbard and Cruise’s insulting claims in 2013, the US Navy brass feels it must protect Tom Cruise. Why is the US Navy defending Cruise? What upside is there for US taxpayers, America, or even the US Navy?

One more thing: The US Navy saved Tom Cruise’s life during the filming of the original Top Gun.

USC Allows Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray to Defend the Church of Scientology by Calling for the Censorship of Leah Remini. #Curious

USC’s Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray speaking at the dedication of
the Church of Scientology Inglewood. Murray has been associated
with the Church of Scientology for 25 years.

The University of Southern California has allowed faculty member and USC Fellow Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray to call for censorship in favor of the Church of Scientology. Murray’s letter went out on USC letterhead to Disney CEO Bob Iger:

Dr. Cecil Murray opens his letter to Disney CEO Bob Iger by stating that Scientology and the Aftermath is one-sided. Murray is badly misinformed: The Aftermath has repeatedly invited the Church of Scientology to have its representatives appear on the show and the Church has repeatedly declined.

Murray’s letter fails to establish a foundation based in facts. Murray does not give any facts as to why the show is hateful as he alleges. Rather, Murray merely acts as an apologist for the Church of Scientology by reiterating its previous allegations that The Aftermath is harmful because Scientology says it is. This is a non-sequitur and very shoddy work for an academic and a USC Fellow.

USC apparently endorses Murray’s baseless rhetoric, use of non-sequitur, and calls for censorship of a television program. We say this as the letter was sent out on USC letterhead. We contacted USC’s Ron Mackovich and asked him about Murray’s letter. He never responded. Thus, we conclude that USC assents to Murray’s call for censorship as opposed to an open public debate in which Murray would be called upon to defend Scientology.

Dr. Murray’s letter fails to address the substantive issues raised by Scientology and the Aftermath:

  • The Use of Child labor in Scientology’s Sea Org
  • Forced abortions in the Sea Org
  • Breaking up families by Disconnection
  • Fair Game
  • Scientology’s use of private investigators to stalk and harass critics
  • Character assassination of critics
  • Scientology’s greed and the resultant financial harm to Scientologists
  • Scientology exploitation of Sea Org members by keeping them in a state of poverty and forcing them to work 100+ hour work weeks

Dr. Murray affirms these inhumane and brutal Scientology practices by default inasmuch he fails to address these practices. Murray does this even as he lectures Mr. Iger about moral accountability. Worse, Dr. Murray refuses to take notice of Scientology’s relationship to the Nation of Islam and Minister Louis Farrakhan’s virulent Anti-Semitism. The lack of cognizance on Murray’s part is appalling given the fact that CEO Bob Iger is Jewish.

That USC’s name is on a letter in which Dr. Murray defends the Church of Scientology, ignores Anti-Semitism, and calls for censorship of a television program is scandalous.

By ignoring the brutality and human rights abuses of the Church of Scientology, Dr. Murray implicates himself in these abuses by his silence on them. Murray then goes a step further in empowering Scientology’s abuses by calling for the censorship of Scientology and the Aftermath.

What Dr. Murray is saying is that Leah Remini must be silenced so that the Church of Scientology will not be held to public accountability for its brutal actions and decades of human rights abuses. The call for censorship, for victims to be silenced, is a betrayal of justice.

Why would Dr. Murray want the victims of depravity and injustice to be silenced? Why would he support Scientology programs of Fair Game? What is Dr. Murray getting from the Church of Scientology in return? These questions arise because the University of Southern California has assented to Dr. Murray’s calls for censorship.

To read the text of Murray’s letter click here. Warning: This link is to a Church of Scientology website that places tracking cookies into your computer. Proceed at your own risk.

To contact USC about Dr. Cecil Murray’s call for censorship on behalf of the Church of Scientology please contact:

Eddie North-Hager, USC Executive Director of Communications
Office: (213) 821-9412
Cell: (213) 220-1806