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Aaron Smith-Levin

ABLE: Association for Better Living and Education: A Scientology Front Group

Alex Gibney

Alexander Jentzsch

Alfreddie Johnson

Allen Barton

ASI – Author Services International

Battlefield Earth


Bert Deixler – Scientology Attorney

Big Blue

Bob Duggan – Scientology’s Big Pharma Billionaire

Celebrity Centre International

CCHR – Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Chris Shelton

Church of Scientology of California

Church of Spiritual Technology


Debbie Cook

Dan Koon

David Miscavige

Denise Brennan aka Larry Brennan

Department of Homeland Security

Disaster Capitalism


Donald Trump

Dr. Jim Beverly

Dr. Stephen Kent

Eli Lilly

Elizabeth Moss


Fair Game & Character Assassination Operations

False Membership Numbers

Flag Land Base

Freedom Magazine

Fundraising Scams

Going Clear – The HBO Documentary by Alex Gibney

Gold Base

Gary Soter – Scientology Attorney

GPB Capitol Holdings

GPB Capital Updates – October 2020

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Update: Kinnie Ma IRA vs. GPB Capital, David Gentile, Jeffry Schneider, Mark Martino, et. al.

GPB Capital Holdings Update: New York Appeals Court Grants Patrick Dibre’s Motion for Summary Judgment Against GPB Capital Holdings

GPB Capital Holdings v. Patrick Dibre Lawsuit Heats Up

What Do Hunter Biden and Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Have in Common?

AWOL No More: GPB Capital Holdings’ CEO and Other Executives Back Online

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Holdings Admits to “Significant Losses” in Its Funds

Update on Manuel Vianna, Former Managing Partner of GPB Capital Holdings

The Continuing Timeline of How Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Came into Existence

Scientologist David Gentile’s GPB Capital Holdings Continues Its Meltdown

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Hit with New Charges by the State of Massachusetts

Law Firm Posts Video Advisory on Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital

GPB Capital Update + The Scientologist-Owned Réaliste Pooled Investment Fund

Former GPB Capital CFO Macrina Kgil Named as a Defendant in Class Action Lawsuit Against GPB

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Update: GPB Exec & Former SEC Official Michael Cohn Arraigned Today for Obstruction of Justice

Update on Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital: Is Michael Cohn the Weak Link in the Chain of a Conspiracy at GPB?

Chris Shelton & Jeffrey Augustine Podcast: GPB Capital, Grant Cardone and Scientology

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Classified Payments to the Hubbard College as “Compensation” & Other Conflicts of Interest

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Holdings’ Incredulous Growth Numbers in 2016 Raise Serious Questions

How Does Mike Frost’s “Austin Lake Technologies” Fit Into the Maze of GPB Capital Holdings?

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Holdings Hit With Yet Another Lawsuit Alleging Serious Financial Misconduct

The Rogues Gallery a/k/a GPB Capital Holdings Executive Staff Has Vanished Again

Scientologist David Gentile, Founder and CEO of GPB Capital Holdings: Company Under SEC & FINRA Investigation

Ties to Russian Organized Crime Alleged in Blockbuster New Lawsuit Against Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital: “Appears to be on the Same Collision Course with Reality as Other Failed Private Placement Offerings”

Waste Management Firm Owned by GPB Capital is Raided by the FBI — Troubles Continue for Scientologist David Gentile’s Firm

Lipman v. GPB Capital: The Court of Chancery of Delaware Rules on the Motions of Defendants Gentile, Lash, and Schneider

Criminal Trial of Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Holding’s Former CCO Michael Cohn Delayed Due to Health Problems & Pandemic

GPB Capital Linked to Former Swiss Bank Official Arrested in the Staggering $5 Billion Dollar Petrobras Corruption Scandal

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital: The Heat is On Following the Indictment of Michael Cohn on Felony Charges

Former GPB Capital Holdings Chief Compliance Officer Michael Cohn Pleads Guilty to Theft of SEC Data

Does a Leaked FBI Report Refer to Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Holdings & Its Purported Ties to the Russian Mob?

The Background Influences of GPB Capital Holdings: Hunter Biden, a Jeffrey Epstein Associate, a Biotech Company, and a Russian Mob Connection

NYC Attorney Michael Emanuel Joins GPB Capital Holdings as Chief Compliance Officer; GPB Issues New ADV & Part 2 Brochure

Patrick DiBre’s Allegation that GPB Capital Holdings is a Ponzi Scheme Raises the Specter of Scientologist Reed Slatkin’s $593 Million Ponzi Scheme

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Admits to Staggering Losses in Latest ADV Filing: AUM at $239 Million; Down from $1.1 Billion in July 2019


Greg Mitchell – Scientology’s Lobbyist in Washington DC

Hanan Islam

Hollywood Reporter


Ideal Orgs

International Association of Scientologists

Introspection Rundown

IRS 990-T Forms Submitted by Scientology Organizations

IRS & the Church of Scientology’s Tax Exemption

Jesus Christ

Jett Travolta

Joking & Degrading

John McMaster – The World’s First Clear


Joy Villa

Karen de la Carriere

Karin Pouw

Kirstie Alley

L. Ron Hubbard

Law Enforcement, the Courts, and Scientology

Lawrence Wollersheim

Leah Remini

Louis Farrakhan

Luis Garcia

Mark Fisher

Marty Rathbun aka Mark C. Rathbun

Matt Feshbach

Mike Rinder

Monique Yingling – Scientology Attorney

Nancy Cartwright


Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan and the Church of Scientology

Nicole Kidman

Paul Haggis


Radar Online

Ray Jeffrey


Ron Miscavige


Scientology Contracts

Scientology Corporate Structure

Scientology Genocide

Scientology Public Relations Campaigns

Scientology Racism

Scientology Real Estate

Scientology Refunds and Repayments

Scientology Social Betterment Groups


Scientology Social Media Fraud and Bad Behavior Online

Scientology Television

Scientology Media Productions

Sea Org

Snow White

Stephen Pfauth

Stolen Valor

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise “Wife Auditioning” Story

Tony Ortega

Will Smith

World Literacy Crusade

Zac Hopkins