Jeffrey Augustine

Augustine/Poe Podcast: Scientology PI Sent a Chilling Text About Leah Remini: “Word is They Want to Kill Her”

Former Police Chief John Poe and Private Investigator Jeffrey Augustine discuss a chilling text message sent by a PI working for Scientology. The PI, Yanti Mike Greene a/k/a Michael Moretti Ford Cruz.

This text message was sent by PI Greene when he was surveilling Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez while they were filming in New York City. At the time, PI Greene was employed by PI and polygrapher Dan Ribacoff of IIGPI:

This text message was discovered during a legal case unrelated to Scientology. For more details on the underlying case, please read the highly detailed article we wrote and posted on our other blog. The article is entitled Dan Ribacoff, Lisa Ribacoff, IIGPI, Settle Multimillion Dollar Lawsuits Alleging Sexual Assaults Committed by Firm’s P.I.’s, Client Billing Fraud.

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