Body Thetans

VIDEO: Finally, Scientific Proof that Scientology’s Body Thetans Cannot Exist!

We’re launching The Scientology Money Project channel on YouTube. We begin our launch with a whimsical video in which we investigate Xenu’s caper of kidnapping trillions of people from faraway planets and bringing them here to Earth where he dumped then in volcanoes and then nuked and implanted them.

Xenu’s victims became body thetans, the secret entities Scientologists learn about on what is called Incident II of OT III.

In this video we investigate Incident II of OTII and conclusively show why the existence of BT’s is scientifically impossible.

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  1. What if Hubbard’s just off a bit? He might still be right, correct? He just might have the numbers wrong a bit. (And his numbers are off, but the soul theory stuff might be generally “correct” or plausible, or kind of plausible.)

    Thanks for your educational efforts, Scientology is just soul quackery pseudo-therapy and it’s a whole bunch of soul exorcism.

    Chuck Beatty
    (when I quit, and finally learned the Xenu body-thetans theory, I just thought, “okay”, maybe he’s just off a bit in his numbers, LOL)

  2. I enjoyed your 35-minute video about Incident II in OT 3. I think I first read the details about OT 3 in Stewart Lamont’s ‘Religion Inc.’ – way back in the early 1980’s.

  3. I’m surprised that you managed, on the whole, to keep a straight face throughout the video. I was left with, “Oh, Oh, Oh, it’s magic.” (paraphrasing that awful song by Pilot from 1975) and a distinct impression that Tubby was out of his nut on substances that allowed him to leave reality.

    Bookmarked your site.

  4. GL, I am pleased to learn you were Kronomex in an an earlier reincarnation. I say this because my Kronomex watch stopped operating at faster than light speeds. The Kronomex watch company, i.e. the company you founded in your past incarnation, says my watch is out of warranty and wants $12 million to repair the FTL board. Can you make some calls for me? I need my FTL watch function to track Xenu’s latest DC-8 spaceplane overflights of Teegeeack. Thank you.

  5. Mr Augustine,

    It is with much sadness that we must inform you that we will unable to replace or repair your watch due to running out of the wheels and hamsters specifically made and bred to power your model of the Kronomex Mark 6.4 Million Series approximately 650 reincarnations ago.

    Yours sincerely,
    Duck and Weave.
    Marketing Advisor, Kronomex Watch Co.

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