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Scientologist Joy Villa Returns to Scientology in a Big Way

During the years she spent promoting Donald Trump, MAGA, and QAnon, Scientologist Joy Villa spread Scientology’s fake PR line that one can be a Christian and a Scientologist. With Mr. Trump now gone from office and the MAGA and QAnon movements in disarray following the Capitol Insurrection, Joy Villa’s only success path is going back into Scientology — and going back she is in a big way. Her faux-Christian messaging has disappeared in favor of promoting Scientology on an unequivocal basis.

The fact is that Joy Villa never actually left Scientology. Even when she was on the front lines of the MAGA movement, she was still being managed behind the scenes by the Church of Scientology. Below is a Trump-era tweet in which Joy Villa is seen with her fellow Scientologist Greg Mitchell who is Scientology’s Washington DC lobbyist. The two claimed they were having a “prayer session.” This shows what we consider Joy’s disingenuousness: In authentic Christian life it is called a “prayer meeting” or a “prayer service.” Joy Villa appears to have been thinking of the Scientology term “auditing session.” Hence, she conflated the two unlike terms into a “prayer session.”

Above: Joy Villa makes another mistake in her tweet when she writes people were “laying hands over us.” The correct biblical terms are “laying hands on us” or “laying hands upon us.” Again, this shows what we consider Joy’s fake display of Christian religiosity when she was an agent of Scientology at all times. The subtleties are important evidence of genuine faith and regular church attendance. Botching basic terminology is evidence of fakery and manipulative behavior. Both of these dodgy characteristics are common in Scientology.  

In her recent tweet — as shared on Twitter by Aaron Smith-Levin — Joy Villa is looking for a 2D (a romantic relationship) with the perfect Scientology man. She provides a list of qualities she wants in a Scientology man:

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  1. Actually, her effort at being a Christian impostor is even more inept than you are giving her credit for. She managed to pack not one but three giveaways into her 5 line text.

    As you had mentioned, there’s the “prayer session” oops, foolishly capitalized for extra attention. Second, a Christian of a certain denominational subspecies may have someone “laying hands on us” but never “over us.” And finally, the expression “Holy Ghost” is way deprecated. Which may not matter to most people, even most Christians. But it surely does matter to the target group she’s (most likely, inadvertently) committing to.

    Frankly, her whole marketing approach in this post is targeted very poorly. Specifically, while the tone of it appeals to a specific narrow niche of Christendom, it would alienate wide swaths of Christians. Specifically, it is directed at “charismatic evangelicals.” This is an unnecessarily narrow approach as well as an appeal to a group that many Christians would consider to be on the fringes, even controversial. So her appeal is doing more harm than good as it excludes far more Christians than it includes. To compound these errors, her appeal to this subgroup is inept as she speaks their vocabulary so poorly as to mark herself unmistakably as an impostor (not even a wannabe).

    For those less familiar with intramural distinctions within Christianity: This is a lot like making a bid to be considered for a post affecting the entire Democratic party by making an appeal to only AOC and her merry “squad” of looney tunes. Without realizing it (as you are an impostor), you’ve now branded yourself unmistakably, alienated many, and pleased only a few. To make matters worse, your class struggle vocabulary is rusty and causes you further embarrassment even within the small corner you have just painted yourself into with your obvious pandering.

    A scientologist with a scientologist lobbyist being “prophesied over” and having “hands laid over” them (by supporters who remain suspiciously invisible, no less) while having a “prayer session” that looks a lot more like a breakfast scheming session, asking themselves fervently “what would Xenu do?” Her resounding failure at “making Xenu great again” comes as a surprise to no one but her alone.

    It appears that her fall has been hard. She’s back to doing cheesy infomercials for an obviously fraudulent product and is apparently willing to give it up to a guy making a mere $100k a year.

  2. “2d Non E = overpriced booty cult fantasy”
    Vanguard Maximus Intergallactic Platypus With Whips And Fake Bohemian BT’s Seeking Thetanic Attention Units

  3. B.T.C., your analysis is both astute and impressive. Anyone who has ever spent years and decades in a Christian church can easily spot a grifter and fraud like Joy Villa.

  4. I thought there was a site for successful people to find dates. Joy should watch a Simone Biles interview to get the exact name. So this makes me say marketing ploy or a way of “FSM”ing people into janitorial positions within the Sea Org. But I still bet a ton of people responded and a toad somewhere in Clearwater or Los Angeles is SUPER excited that he responded to 1257 emails in fifteen minutes.

    The Villa marriage. A sad episode; Scientology-can’t even keep Joy together yet it supposedly considers it to be the bedrock of civilization.

    I also take a certain amount of offense to the interpretation and use of the word havingness. From what I gather, the current Church effectively defines it as having stuff and, more importantly, money. But I don’t think it’s quite that simple, nor do I think it was ever really defined properly. Nonetheless, the obsession, I believe, is the root of much of the compulsive criminality we see from the greedy faces that have landed themselves an article on this site. And, if I may venture, this misconception and mystique is something a person like Cardone can capitalize on from the gullible, naive, or misinformed.

  5. Being gangstalked and it may be “Fair Game”. I need to know if you have proof of a definite connection to Donald Trump? Someone powerful is fitting the bill for breaking the gangstalking record of many, many years. Government may be involved.

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