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The One and Only Ron Miscavige

Our dear friend Ron Miscavige is slipping from this life. This is so difficult for Ron’s wife Becky. All of us who love Ron Miscavige know what is coming and it hurts. Becky is being strong for her husband of 31 years. Please help Becky with the final costs. Ron Miscavige proudly served his country in the United States Marine Corps when he was a young man. Your gift also honors his service to his country:

GoFundMe for Ron Miscavige’s Funeral Costs

We are reprinting this from Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker today as Tony said it so well:

In 2012, Ron Miscavige made a clever and daring escape with his wife Becky Bigelow from Scientology’s secretive “Int Base,” where the two of them had been living as “Sea Org” workers.

What made Ron’s escape more notable than the others from the base was that his own son, David Miscavige, was Scientology’s leader. Ron had run away from his own son’s “church” compound.

We heard about it a few months later from another escapee, and soon after that Ron began secretly communicating with us. For several years, we traded messages with him, looking forward to the day he would go public. As an initial step, in 2013 he asked us to write about his publication of a small book of childhood memories, which he titled “True Confessions of a Kid.” We couldn’t say it then, but it was Ron himself who encouraged us to give his little book of homespun tales some publicity.

We were happy to help him out. And we were also glad to see how much impact Ron made when he did come forward in earnest, publishing with Dan Koon a book about his escape from Scientology, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me in 2016. That release garnered him an appearance on ABC’s 20/20 and a trail of media since then, including an appearance on Leah Remini’s TV series and then Ron’s own series of weekly video podcasts.

And now, it’s time for more surprising news from Ron. He’s been battling cancer, and he’s recently taken a turn for the worse. To the point that he and Becky are preparing for what comes next. Namely, that even with their insurance accounts, Ron is concerned that Becky won’t have enough to cover a funeral.

So, they are turning to the public for help. And that’s where we come in.

Ron’s close friend Rick Shaw wanted us to know that he had collaborated with Ron on a new song, and that Geoff Levin helped with guitars and mixing. “I called it ‘Ron’s theme,” Rick says, “but he calls it ‘I’m happy.’”

Rick set up a GoFundMe account yesterday, and asked us to post a link to it and this video of the song, which contains some wonderful scenes from Ron’s life, particularly since he escaped Scientology and reunited with good friends.

We’re glad we got to be a part of Ron’s new life, and we hope you can help him make sure that Becky has some financial protection for what’s coming next.

Ron can’t go to his son David Miscavige for help. After Ron ditched Scientology in 2012, and knowing how much Ron knew about Scientology and Dave’s authority over it, the church leader unleashed a yearslong and vicious campaign of “Fair Game” against his own father. Besides setting up anonymous websites to smear his dad, David Miscavige also set private investigators on him.

A couple of PIs were being paid $10,000 a week to stalk Ron on behalf of Scientology when they were arrested in 2013 on unrelated charges and ended up spilling their guts about the operation. They had placed tracking devices on Ron’s car, had followed him wherever he went, and tried always to keep out of sight so Ron wouldn’t know he was being followed.

At one point, Ron was walking across a parking lot at Walmart when he fumbled his mobile phone from a shirt pocket and tried clutching at it. From a distance, the private eyes thought they were witnessing an older man have a heart attack. So, they later told police, they called up their handler who put them right through to David Miscavige himself. If they rushed to help Ron, it would blow their cover. But David told them to keep their distance. “If he dies, he dies,” Miscavige told them.

Now, some eight years later, Ron really is dying, and he knows he can’t turn to his son for help. So he’s turned to the public. And after the service he’s done to help the world know more about what really goes on in Scientology under the control of David Miscavige, we hope the public responds.

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  1. I hope this info might help: the Social Security Admin and the VA(Veterans Affairs) would be able to assist (some). Also, Ron is entitled to benefits associated with his honorable service. His wife needs to reach out to the VA. They do have an office that assists with death benefits, etc. Go to or the family can contact their local VA hospital for assistance. I hope this helps.

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