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James Stunt Continues to Defend Scientology Leader David Miscavige. We Respond.

Mr. James Stunt of Belgravia, London has taken exception to comments we made in our last article concerning his defense of Scientology leader David Miscavige. Our reply to Mr. Stunt:

1. We agree with you that everyone has the right to their own religious beliefs. We have reiterated over the decades that Scientologists have the right to practice their beliefs inside or outside of the Church of Scientology.

2. Free Speech allows others to openly criticize the religious beliefs of others. Scientology’s beliefs and practices have resulted in violence, bankruptcy, the breaking up of families, and a decades long pattern of psycho-terrorism known as Fair Game. No one is under any moral or legal obligation to respect the malignant religious beliefs or practices of others. Quite the contrary, many of us see it as an obligation to shine the light into the darkness.

3. There are horrific religious beliefs and practices that should be publicly exposed; deemed  abhorrent; and stopped if at all possible. Female genital mutilation, the protection of pedophile priests and rapists, the use of child labor, and so many other religious practices are barbaric. Brutal religious groups would like for people to “respect their beliefs” which is nothing more than a call for censorship, a demand that others remain silent about the atrocities these groups perpetrate. Scientology is running a con game in this regard: It wants the respect of a legitimate religion even as it behaves like a criminal organization.

4. We personally know more than a dozen people whom David Miscavige has physically assaulted. Some of these people have been beaten numerous times by David Miscavige. These people have gone on the public record with the details. Mr. Miscavige’s attorney Monique Yingling admitted to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on a televised interview that there were beatings at Scientology’s International Base at that Scientology chose to handle it internally. The victims were not allowed to file criminal complaints with the police because Scientology prevented them from doing so as Ms. Yingling stated.

Mr. Tommy Davis, whom you probably know or have met, also admitted that there were beatings at the International Base. We know there is a Culture of Violence at the highest echelons of Scientology. David Miscavige has denied through his lawyer and spokespeople that he ever beat anyone but we consider David Miscavige to be a liar, a perjurer, and a violent psychotic.

5. Mr. Stunt, you correctly stated that being bankrupt does not mean that one is penniless. However, the maxim is that one can’t be bankrupt without being insolvent. Hence, a court determined that you were insolvent. This was a result of your considerable assets having been frozen under SOCA provisions as explained by Private Banker International. You declared, “I’m the richest man ever made bankrupt!” Perhaps you are.

6. On an unrelated matter, The Scientology Money Project has been following GPB Capital, a private equity firm owned by Scientologist David Gentile. GPB Capital has raised $1.8 billion in Regulation D offerings. These are high risk illiquid investments. The FBI has conducted two raids (executions of search warrants) on GPB Capital. Mr. Gentile’s firm is under investigation by the FBI, the SEC, FINRA, and the BIC. GPB Capital owns, among its many holdings, a New York City waste management company called Five Star Carting. Mr. Gentile is in a vastly different position than you. Moreover, he remains silent and will not appear in social media. He seems to have none of the ability to confront things that Scientology promises to imbue in its practitioners. Why has he gone silent?

7. For the record, we are both Freemasons.



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  1. I like how you explicitly name ‘female genital mutilation’ because fuck boys.

    Your religious belief / background shows there.

  2. Thank you for this info, JA.
    This billionaire “once this nonsense is over” is going to donate a whole lotta ducats to another billionaire. Well, isn’t that special? So very very very charitable… perhaps, despite all denial, he intends to buy some healing for his upset.
    Blustering, loudly, that he speaks for “millions” — massive hyperbolic claim.

    And he’s angry. Real angry.
    A fine rude git.

    “Oh Lord, My God, is there no help for the widow’s son?”

  3. The Crown Prosecution froze James Stunt’s assets under the very serious “Proceeds of Crime” act. These are allegations and Stunt enjoys the presumption of innocence. Stunt had his lawyers sue to try to block of the news of his asset freeze from being published by the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail sued and won the right to publish the story in the public interest.

    Stunt protests his innocence. However, under UK law the prosecutors had sufficient reasons to freeze Stunt’s assets. The logic of freezing assets is to prevent Stunt from dissipating his assets during an active ongoing criminal investigation.

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