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The Newly Bankrupt James Stunt Defends Scientology Leader David Miscavige

Bankrupt billionaire James Stunt has published a bizarre YouTube video vigorously defending Scientology Cult leader David Miscavige. Stunt begins his video by denying rumors that he is a Scientologist. He repeats this several times in the video. He then claims that Scientology has hundreds of thousands of followers. Even as he defends Miscavige, Stunt states that if one was conned by Scientology then there are no refunds in life and, “you’re the mug that got taken.” As reported by the Daily Mail, Mr. Stunt’s assets were frozen by a court order in February 2019:

The gold bullion magnate ex-husband of Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone, with whom he has three children, has had his assets frozen under ‘proceeds of crime’ rules, the Daily Mail can reveal. At a court hearing, secret until now, a judge also slapped a £1,000-a-week spending limit on Stunt, 37, who is described as ‘the Alleged Offender’.

James Stunt is the avowed enemy of Daily Mail owner Lord Rothermere. The Daily Mail has been unsparing in exposing the depredations of David Miscavige and Scientology. This may be purely coincidental, but the fact that Stunt and Scientology have a common enemy is worth noting.

Why Mr. Stunt has made a video defending the violent narcissist David Miscavige is his entirely business. However, what we can say is that Mr. Stunt appears to know virtually nothing about Scientology or David Miscavige. While his argument that everyone has a right to their religion is correct, Mr. Stunt ignores the fact that freedom of speech allows others to criticize religion, religious beliefs, and religious leaders.

The Scientology Cult likes to scream that no one should be allowed to attack an a religion. Translated, this means that Scientology wants censorship and the destruction of Free Speech so that its malicious conduct cannot be exposed. Mr. Stunt appears to agree with this fascist attack on Free Speech.

In his video Mr. Stunt makes the outrageous and wholly unsupportable claim that the Dalai Lama supports David Miscavige. Stunt also incorrectly claims that the Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of the Buddha. This shows his lack of understanding what Tibetan Buddhism is and who the Dalia Lama is as the reincarnated embodiment of Avalokiteshvara.

Mr. Stunt cynically minimizes Scientology Fair Game. He dismisses it as nothing more than private investigators in suits driving up to one’s home in a black sedan. This is rich coming from a man known for his need to have a large detail of armed bodyguards escort him about town in a convoy of black sedans. Stunt’s security detail worked to protect him from the many threats he apparently perceived. It is telling that Stunt’s billionaire former father-in-law Bernie Ecclestone (who is a real billionaire unlike Stunt) does not feel the need for bodyguards.

Stunt is as clueless about Scientology Fair Game as he is about Tibetan Buddhism. Scientology Fair Game is designed to utterly destroy those people whom Scientology deems to be enemies. Stunt is unaware of how Scientology covers up sexual crimes and defends the rapists and pedophiles in its ranks.

Mr. Stunt ignores — perhaps because he is unaware of them — the hundreds malicious and libelous webpages the Scientology Cult posts online about those who speak out against Scientology. Whether Stunt cares to recognize it or not, Scientology Cult breaks up families, bankrupts people, lies to its own members, and lies to the public at large. Scientology engages in psycho-terrorism on many levels. Stunt’s attempt to dismiss Scientology Fair Game as inconsequential shows him to be ignorant, malicious, a possible Scientology stooge, or perhaps all of these things.

In breaking news released on June 6, 2019 The Sun reported that a court declared James Stunt to be bankrupt:

James Stunt denies being a Scientologist but then, apropos of nothing given his current problems, takes to YouTube to defend David Miscavige. What put Scientology and David Miscavige on his radar given the problems he is facing? Stunt’s assets were frozen some time ago by order of the court as reported by the Daily Mail and now he has been declared bankrupt. One would think defending Scientology and David Miscavige would be the very last thing on his mind.
James Stunt, the defender of David Miscavige, is also the godson of Terry Adams, the head of a British crime family. This crime family has been linked to 25 murders. Stunt is not associated with the activities of the crime family. Nevertheless, in apparently unrelated matters his assets were frozen under the ‘proceeds of crime’ rules.

David Miscavige has a most unusual defender in Mr. James Stunt.

This photo and caption from the Daily Mail today:

Mr. Stunt made another YouTube video in which he talks to a psychiatrist. Apparently hired by his father Geoffrey Stunt, the psychiatrist engages in an act of futility in trying to do anything with James Stunt. The video is quite amusing and abrasive. During this video Mr. Stunt claims to be smoking Afghan Kryptonite (kush), a potent form of marijuana. That Mr. Miscavige’s erstwhile defender likes to smoke marijuana in a public video while talking to a psychiatrist is quite comical given Scientology’s utter abhorrence of both Psychiatry and the Devil’s weed.

Any information on James Stunt’s links to Scientology are of interest. Please forward any information to us at


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  1. He clearly is misguided. Whether or not there are personal interests in that defense is utterly besides the point from my point of view.

    Having myself been caught between a rock and a hard place, I see no excuse for the police not to be investigating whether Shelley Miscavige is or not herself caught between a rock and a hard place.

    I hardly do not care about James Stunt’s arguments. Except for his defense of David Miscavige’s rights to ´protect’ his wife… ´Protection’ can mean way too many things for way too many people… We should always be highly skeptical when an individual claims to be protecting another individual, as the devil is in the details…

  2. I am James Stunt! David M is a good man! Please except my first amendment right to have this opinion. You base all your information on second hand hear say! I am a Christian and a free mason ! However Sorry Scientology does s lit of good and David M is very open with his new television show! I am A Billionaire how dare you ! Donald trump was bankrupt five times mine will be reversed so shut up and get your facts straight!!!!

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