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Joy Villa: The 15th Highest Paid Fundraiser in the Church of Scientology

Top Scientology fundraiser Joy Villa in her “Build the Wall” dress

Fourth tier celebrity Joy Villa publicly downplays her involvement in Scientology. However, Joy Villa is the 15th highest paid fundraiser in the Church of Scientology’s membership association known as the International Association of Scientologists (IAS).

IAS fundraisers receive a 10% commission on all monies they raise for Scientology. Joy Villa’s name on the list of top Scientology fundraisers proves that she spends a great deal of time involved in hustling donations that pay for Fair Game, smear campaigns, lawyers, private investigators, and every other sleazy activity in which the Scientology Cult engages.

Fundraising commissions help to explain the status quo that keeps the brutal and inhumane system of Scientology in place. Commissioned fundraisers don’t want anything to change because they profit from the status quo. Joy Villa financially benefits from Scientology and so she is not about to call for an end to Scientology’s depravity, sadism, forced abortions, destroying families, child labor and the rest of its evil behavior. Villa’s hypocrisy is magnified inasmuch as she calls herself a Christian.

As Mike Rinder reported on his blog today, Scientologist Joy Villa is now on Scientology’s list of top fundraisers. Joy Villa does not disclose this source of income to the public. However, the Church of Scientology does. Republicans should take note of the fact that Joy Villa is very deeply into helping Scientology finance its sleazy activities. This makes Villa an accomplice.

Here is the official Scientology document which shows Scientology cult member Joy Villa in the ranking of IAS fundraisers:

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  1. NOI West Coast Regional Minister Tony Muhammad logs in at #38 ,Alfrauddie Johnson at #42

  2. IMO, calling Joy an (anything) whore is insulting to whores. I’ve seen no indication of her having any abilities other than fame-mongering using whatever tools she can bring to bear.

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