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Polight Takes On Scientology Guy; He Calls Police On Polight

This intriguing YT video is of great interest to me. Brother Polight of Harlem asks a Scientologist working a stress test table extremely straightforward questions about L. Ron Hubbard and racism.

Polight’s video highlights the Church of Scientology’s recurring  policy of cowardice: When asked hard questions by non-Scientologists of any race, Scientologists call the police and claim they are being harassed. In doing so, Scientologists waste taxpayer dollars and police resources while the Church of Scientology pays no taxes.

I protested alongside Anonymous in 2008 and saw this same Scientology tactic repeatedly: Avoid the hard questions and call the police. Scientologists want to be OT. However, they become victims and crybabies who waste taxpayer dollars when they are confronted about their conduct and beliefs.

Scientologists want the full and unfettered freedom to promote their beliefs — and yet they want to have their lawyers or the police censor or shut down any contrary views whenever possible. Indeed, a story today in the Hollywood Reporter reveals that a theater in Clearwater, Florida bowed to Scientology pressure and cancelled showings of HBO’s Going Clear.

A movie theater in Clearwater, Florida — home of the world spiritual headquarters of the Church of Scientology — has dropped plans to play Alex Gibney‘s documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief after being pressured by the church, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

At 31:38 in Polight’s video you can see one of the Scientologists at the stress test calling the DSA (local OSA person) for instructions. The Scientologists thereafter take down their unpermitted stress test table and move on — but only after the NYPD and NYC taxpayers have had to waste resources.

Polight argues with great moral outrage that that the Church of Scientology has nothing to offer the Black community. I agree and equally argue that the Church of Scientology has nothing to offer the White community or any other community.

All the Church of Scientology does to any individual or any community is take and take and take — and it does so using lies, false PR, misrepresentations, slave labor, and unconscionable contracts that strip Scientologists of their legal rights.

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  1. Brother PoLite, keeping it real!
    I think Harlem $cientology has some sort of big event coming up this weekend.
    All are welcome! Unless they aren’t, then we call the police, haha.

  2. It’s much more fun protesting when the police are already there, as happens outside Saint Hill when Miscavige does his annual boast-a-thon in the IAS tent: shuts the Scibots right up. Last year there was at least one malcontent in the tent who defected because we were there; for the rest, all we got was the occasional middle-finger and muttered imprecation as the clams scuttled in to hear their Dwarfenfuehrer.

  3. Hubbard infamously wrote “all men shall be my slaves.” Polight could have extended his critique of Scientology even further. Polight is exactly correct: Scientology has to address and clean up its inherent racism — and the rest of its own house — before it tries to clear the planet.

    I have had the Church call the LAPD on me and my fellow protesters for doing nothing except exercising our Constitutional rights on a public street. Hell, in the first few Anonymous protests in Los Angeles, the Church shamelessly manipulated LAPD into thinking the Anons were terrorists. The LAPD responded with a full tactical deployment. Dozens of officers with 9mm’s and automatic weapons, SWAT team standing by, snipers on the rooftops. It was an outrage and the Cult of Scientology used it for nothing but a photo op to raise money to “fight” Anonymous.

    I was born in Los Angeles and have lived here my entire life. I don’t like the Cult of Scientology preying upon people in my hometown in the same way people in Harlem don’t like Scientology preying upon people in their hometown.

    I admire Polight’s style of street activism. He is fearless. He called the Scientologists out on Hubbard’s racism — and what happened? The Scientologists folded up like cheap lawn chairs in a hurricane and called the police. Is that the totality of their comm cycle? It appears to be so.

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