OT Levels

$100,000 Financial Fine if an OT Talks About Xenu and the OT Levels!

OT Preps and Eligibility Rules

Church of Scientology OT’s refuse to publicly discuss the OT levels for many reasons.

One major reason of which the public is unaware is the $100,000 fine OT’s agree to pay if they make public any parts of the OT Levels.

You read that correctly: OT’s sign a contract with Flag Services Organization (FSO) which binds them to pay $100,000 for each and every time they disclose any information about the OT Levels.

In the Church of Scientology, the OT Levels are called the Advanced Technology.

The Advanced Technology is a classified by the Church of Scientology as a religious trade secret. As such, only certain churches of Scientology are licensed by RTC to use this ultra-secret advanced technology to handle the effects of the catastrophe that occurred in this sector of the galaxy 75,000,000 years ago on a confederation of 76 planets — you know the rest of the story. The PDF below contains the plain text of the actual Flag contract:

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  1. Seems like a business contract to me. And if a business, could this violate any part of the IRS ruling? Trade secrets and payments don’t read like a charity…..

  2. Well maybe what is in the OT levels isn’t much and if the cat is let out of the bag then they can’t sell it to the next guy. I was told by an old timer that if I study the books, congresses and thoroughly use the self analysis book that I will be just as well off as him in my study and use of Scientology and he had spent more than 100 thousand dollars at Flag.

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